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Gah, I am so angry and upset at the moment. After my new found excitement for Gaia, my account has been banned. Botted gold :/. Not me botting, someone else, and given to me in exchange for items or hosting, either which I have no idea. I have contacted Gaia, but I doubt they will unlock my account again, not from stories I heard about other people who fell in the same boat. I guess I will have to just get over it and move on from the site, just upsetting after all the time and money spent on monthly collectables and cash for items in the store. I thought maybe I can go back and create a new account, but I just lost the heart for it, dead and gone. Afterall its just a forum with a cute virtual character that is not real, and adoreable items. :gonk: I’ll just take gonk with me and be gone.

Besides that, I made a new layout on my fanlisting collective and created a new domain, a clique about Hogwarts. You join and select a house and can link it on your site if you like. Show your love for Hogwarts and your house. 🙂 I had fun making the layout, I always wanted to make something like that but could never do it, so am a little proud!

Happy (wtf I wrote Harry at first) Birthday to Elise for the other day, I hope you had a lovely day, now you are all old and stinky. 😛

And that will do for today!

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  1. Oh my god.

    Sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear about that crap with Gaia. It makes me so angry that people are still able to cheat their system and innocent people have to suffer for it. Is there anything I can do to help you try and get your account back? I can write angry letters and make petitions and use a lot of CAPS?

    But seriously, let me know. *hug*

  2. Icks, I’m sorry to hear that. -hugs- You’ll be able to get over it. -cheers- don’t worry. try to forget about it. ganbatte.
    Adorable new layout~ It’s so cute.
    And the new clique is wickedly cool. ( Go go Slytherin! )

  3. :O Nooo! I can’t believe the pooheads banned your Gaia account. Arghness. But then again, you can just take your delicious gonk and all will be well? 😀

    *sees Silver above her* 😀 Hellohello!

    I totally saw Hoggywarts the other day and got a warm fuzzy feeling. Heck, I don’t even like HP but I like all the exciting things that come out of it! XD I love the whole page-feel. Oooooh. *steals* XD THIEF! THEIF! :S

    And happy belated birthday to Elise. :):)

  4. oh goodness, i’m sorry your account has been banned. maybe you could make a new one? *meep*

    ooo, i like the new clique idea! i’ll definitely have to join. 🙂

  5. OH NO!! Oh I’m so sorry lovely. *mega squish* That really does suck major bums 🙁 🙁 especially as you’ve spent so much time and effort on it. I remember when I first spoke to you.. you were always on Gaia then too!
    As for Hoggywarts, it’s bloody brilliant! 😀 Looks gorgeous too.
    A Happy belated birthday to Elise too 🙂

  6. They banned your account?! That’s so horrible of them! >:O

    I adooore your new layout over at your fanlistings collective! *squishes it* Oh, and this one too! I can’t believe I’ve only seen it just now but it’s oozing with loveliness! *hearts it*

    And I definitely joined your Hogwarts clique! And huzzah for such a fantastic layout there! 😀

  7. Aww, I’m sorry to hear about your Gaia account. I can understand how upsetting that must be, I too used to spend money on that site to buy those cute monthly items. 🙁 Hopefully you can somehow get your account back. :/

    I love your new collective layout!

  8. Oi, my comment got cut off! xD Anyway I typed “I love your new collective layout! It’s very pretty. I’m using a similair image from that artist on my personal site. Well, I’m off to join your Hogwarts clique. (which also looks fantastic) :D”

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