Broadband O: O:

19 years

Hey hey,
22 days till my birthday 😉
well I am happy the sites are back now <3 It was sadness but tis all working very well now. Well I am getting Broadband!!!! I am happy about that! It's Broadband via satellite so should be pretty fast, but anything faster then dial up will make me happy which I have had for like 4 years 🙁 I have to go into town tommorow and start getting some things for my partay like order the MURPHY CAKE *dies* :blush: and get the key and various other things, t’will be busy busy. I also got out of mum how much my present will be worth $1000 wtf? that is like way to much 😉 now I have no idea what it is, but it’s not my phone….hmmmm who knows? I also found out my cousin and aunty are comming which is brilliant because they are so funny and rock, we have like 32 known people that are comming, we did sent over 50 invitations but it doesn’t matter I mean the people that I know are comming just makes me really happy. I do wish dom and Billy where coming though *tear* OMG IT”S THURSDAY LOST IS ON TONIGHT DODODMDODMODOMDOMDomdomomasdoasdghfdshfjas :blush: ok sorry I couldn’t help that mental mentallness I have serious problems. The comment hack seems to have a mind of it’s own and has died on Yimin’s site as well so it sux but I SHALL strive to fix it (: *hugs*

🙂 🙁 I love you all <3

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  1. Hey Sweetie! :heart: Sorry I haven’t dropped by her sooner, but your layout rocks! 😀 Soon you birthday comes ^^ yey, see if I can find a pretty card and send to you 😛 Hopefully it might come in time ^^ See you on msn! Ttyl. Love ya! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. Hi there, nice layout u have. 🙂 I used dial up for more than 5 years, my life was like hell. lol. I’m glad that you are getting your broad band soon! 😀 Happy advance Birthday to you! <3

  3. YOOOOOL WHERE IN THE WORLD DID OUR PLUG HACK RUN OFF TO? xD heheeeee :p Tis very strange no? (: If you find its please let me know 😉
    wooooohooooo your getting broadband! 😀 *dances* Broadband is the bestest ^_^
    *hughugs* <3333333

  4. Sweeeeetie.
    Only 22 more daaays! :O I’ve got a lot of preparation time. 😀 You’re going to have such an awesome time on your birthday my love, and you deserve every ounce of it. You are such a wonderful person, and it is an honour to be hosted by you… 🙂 *luffffffs*

  5. :heart:

    New layout, yay.

    I’ve got a few comments!

    First of all, broadband is cool. I have it! And even though sometimes it sucks, most of the time it’s okay. Good luck with that!

    Secondly I just finished coding my layout – so I’m very happy with myself. The site should be up sometime tonight. Yayness.

    And lastly, I love these smilies!

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