Born to blow my nose.

18 years

*cough splutter* I am sick at the moment. 🙁 I hate getting sick it is the annoying, but I am getting better thankfully. I was in bed all day yesterday, it was boring but I slept.

I was dreaming about Gary Oldman, he was in a car and moving around and I was trying to find him and then alot of comic book characters were trying to kill me… 😀 Gary was cute though, I kept trying to find him. Makes me like him more! *love*

While shopping I brought some things; DVD’s, Cd’s, Magazines, Jewlery, Clothes and some other things. It was fun 🙂

Take care everyone!

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  1. Hey…
    Oh I’m sorry you’re sick, I hope you’ll be alright soon.

    I am still looking for a (very late) birthday present, do you have any idea? Please, do you have any idea…???

    Love xxx

  2. Aww 🙁 I am sorry you are sick. I got sick the other day too, so I know how you feel! 🙁 I can’t stay in bed though, I have review classes darnit! xD Gary Oldman huh? Interesting… lol. I haven’t had too many dreams recently (for ONCE!!!!). I wish I could go shopping (Jenn is poor!) *le sigh*

  3. Oh, sorry your sick. I’ve had stupid pollen allergies. Bla, bla.
    Hah-I had a dream with Harry in it.
    My friend in myself were in his car, doing..well something and Harry was flying beside us on his broom.
    If only it were real.
    Then again it very well could have been.

  4. Glad you had fun shopping 🙂 Well erm what a dream you had 😐 Lol I don’t even know what to say to that dream, but i guess I’ve had weirder ones?

  5. I think Ive caught whatever you have or something icky anyways :(. *hugs* I hope you are feeling better though love. Im off for an early night.
    Gary Oldman drea :O:O:D ME loves Gary Oldman!
    Yay for Green Day playing when you came to check out my site 😀 Oh yes defintaley a sign!! :p Do you think it could mean that they are coming to visit me? :O *dies* ;D

  6. Aww poor Kya. Hope you get better. -hands over sunflowers-
    Hee cute dream.
    And I realised this was filed under sick. xP
    Take care love. *hearts*

  7. Aww poor you. People around me seem to get sick at the same time :P.. my mom, my real-life friend + you ^^! Hopefully you will feel better soon!!

  8. Awe hope you feel better soon! I’m not in school today because I have an injured knee and the doctor doesn’t want me in school until we know what is wrong with it, exactly. I ♥ Gary Oldman!! LoL that’s an interesting dream. Wow sounds like you had a good time shopping!
    Feel better soon!

  9. The best remedy to that nasty flu is definitely sleep. My mum always tells me to sleep when I’m ill but I never because I end up surfing the net 😉

    *hugs+kiss* Hope you feel better soon!

  10. I hope you feel better soon fluffle bunny! Those evil chicken noodles! I’m so embarressed that the chicken would do that. maybe the noodle brain washed it!

    Awww Gary yay 😀 sounds like a good dream, well apart from the evil comic book guys.

    I was supposed to go shopping today but i woke up late XD

    feel better soon! xxx

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