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Howdy, It”s amazaing I am blogging again! I would like to try and blog more often it”s probably something that won”t happen 😛 Anyway, I got my hair cut 🙂 You can see pictures belowsies.

I won Cricket the last few nights *smiles* Dad reacons he is letting me win ;D it”s ok because I said the same thing when I was loosing. No such thing as a graceful loser on our terms. I Have to go and play now so I will make sure to comment back on everyone later *snuggle* Take care and Christmas is closing in!! xxxx

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  1. OMG CHRISTMAS HEHEEH 😀 you should get your card befor xmas hopefully, if not you’ll have a belated card from me :D:D:D

    I love your hair cut! its very pretty! and topped with an xmas hat b.e.a.utiful 😀

    :O Chricket 😀 i suck at that sport hahha (sprouty gets everywhere i swear!) but yay you won! hehe i always say that when I loose, not that i loose ever i just let poeple win …….. maybe not lmao

    did i sing you a song last time? i think i did so this time a different song i shall sing! Titled A Modified Winter Wonderland 😀

    *Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
    In the lane, snow is glistening
    A beautiful sight,
    Kya’s happy tonight.
    Walking in a winter wonderland.*

    I wonder if my post gets cut off again hehehe


  2. I was on a roll with the blogging thing for a little while, but well, now I’m slacking a bit.. 😉 Good luck with your goal Kya, we should unleash spam in a can and other personalities if we don’t blog often, perhaps. 😛 I love your hair, but which hair did you get cut? Okay, that was corny, but that’s what rock suckers do right? ;D Seriously though, it looks great! 😀 Should I call you Mrs. Claus now..? BONG. We don’t have cricket here but I think it’d be fun to try it out, maybe some day. 😀 Anyway, good on you for beating him, it is nice of you guys to let each other win, how sweet. 🙂 😉 I hate losing so much, but I’ve never been one to say I let the other person win, that is my sister though completely. She can’t stand if I beat her at something and will say that and tons of other things if she loses to me, either that or she’ll just cheat to prevent it.. haha. Anyway, I hope you two have fun. 🙂 Hopefully the parcel arrives on your doorstep soon. o:

  3. Wow! Your new hair style is so pretty! *admires it.* Seriously. And I love the hat on it xD.

    And I say the same thing when I lose a game of something sometimes too xD.

  4. Lol you’re so cute. You have to go play now? 😛 Aww

    Yay you won 😀 Haha I wish I was there to play Cricket. That’s a kick ass game!

  5. Woohooo babe. Nice and cute hair cut, esp when christmas is around the corner.
    “No such thing as a graceful loser..”

  6. Kya, your hair is so sexy! =D And I love the hat! ;D Good job on winning cricket! No way is he letting you win, everyone says that when they lose! ;D Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to ya before that. Luv ya! xox

  7. Your hair is really, really pretty and you look vair adorable in that Santa hat.
    Good luck with cricket!
    (I’m a sucky loser too x)

  8. Hmm, people always say “Oh, I let you win” when they lose. My family does it too. We’re just too proud to admit we lost. It’s human nature to do that, I suppose.

    You have a nice haircut. Is that a Santa hat I spy? 😉

  9. Dude you look awesomeness 😀 Loving the xmas hat also ;D.
    Thats so sweet that you play cricket with your dad! and yay for winning weeee!

  10. your hat looks like a miniature version of the bean bag chair that I got my brother for christmas, lol. It’s huge, comfy, and fluffy! In fact, I took a picture of myself with it on my head, so we should compare the pictures lol

    Anyways, hey, have you received your card yet? I do hate the us postal service, I sent it about a week ago… if not, you should be getting it soon! 😀
    Merry x-mas, thanks for the present!

  11. ah, I have always been a good loser, one thing I can say with pride. I’ve never been much of a competition person though, I just don’t care XD lad you won though 🙂 And thank you SO much for the lovely card I LOVE it and I LOVEYOU! xoxoxoxoxo

  12. Ooo cute santa hat! i want it. haha. Thanks for the xmas sign! Loved it! I’ll put it on my site as soon as i can! Have a merry christmas!

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