Blown Away By Fire

16 years

I had quite a horrific dream last night. Mum and I had been driving all day through various towns listening to music on an iPod and not hearing the radio. At one point the car skids across a field and falls into a ditch so we are forced to walk a small way to a petrol station. When we get there everyone is in shock. Peoples faces look pale, confused and scared. I ask the attendant what is wrong and he looks at me with his lip trembling “you don’t know?” He replied and pointed to the television in the corner.

It was a complete and utter disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people had been killed. Bombers had targeted a sports stadium, bombed all the exits then went for the grand finale in the middle of the field. People were running and screaming and anyone that was alive, couldn’t get out. My mouth dropped open and tears rolled out of my eyes, I just couldn’t believe it.

The dream then shifted, to a family that was living in China (as it was now clear to me the event transpired in China). They were a wealthy American family and the ‘leaders’ of this attack were staying at their home enjoying the luxuries that had to share. The family tried desperately to bargain with them, to do anything to get away. A deal of $1 million was finally arranged but the American man said he needed to go to a bank to make the transaction. When he came back he had the military with him, but just before, one of the children inched into the room unseen, one of the terrorists was in and could hear he was paying someone else that was higher up. He then said “I will use my own money to pay ransom, they will give it to me after”. The military then approached and shot the men in the head. Not knowing the child was standing there to witness it.

The whole time this was going on other events were happening around it as well. Some people had found a way to escape from China, but the military had blocked many exits, however was making them leave but to export large amounts of drugs on them.

It was such a strange and scary dream. I didn’t think of it when I woke up, or even during the dream but I really hope nothing like this happens at the Olympics, or anywhere for that matter. 🙁

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  1. That’s definitely horrific and a bit odd. I scanned this entry and then decided I’d come back later and comment, and that night I ended up having THE weirdest dream ever, and it was so real it’s odd. I don’t normally dream and when I do, it’s very hazy, so I think you induced it! *blames you and not my dirty mind*

    But that is definitely something I don’t think anyone would wish for. It’s horrible, but it’s so surreal, because something like that could happen in real life, and there’s really nothing anybody can do about it, besides pray and hope nobody that stupid would resort to something like that.

    All that aside, I am with Kim, I hope you don’t have any more nightmares, although I feel they balance out the dreams in a way. 😀

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