bloody pipe

19 years

{edit} I have changed the layout, I have a few errors I will fix them after All Saints 😀 {/edit}

It’s fun to be home by yourself alot of the time and I will be until Thursday but one of the pipes burst for the water and we have had to turn it off haha. Slightly very annoying I have to say. Oh well take it in my stride 😛

I do miss mum not being here it’s sad, or maybe I am :O haha.

I went and seen my nan and pop today I just love them so much they are beautiful and my uncle came to check the water thing. I love them all :’)

Well I better go and try to ring dad again, thank you everyone *hugs*

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  1. I love Kya! =hugs= Hee what pipe, if it’s some small pipe it wouldn’t be too bad, hope it’ll be fixed soon love.
    Hee being home alone is great fun too, have almost as if lots of time to do anything you want nya. xD

  2. Go the new layout. It’s so pretty. 🙂

    I hope your water turns out to be alright.

    I hope you keep having fun being by yourself. I hope that you don’t get into too much trouble!

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