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10 years

Thank you so very much for the opinions on my previous post, on which Christmas illustrations you liked best. I ordered four different designs, plus a sticker sheet and a notepad. I am excited to see them all when they arrive (I’ll make a post about that with pictures). I don’t have plans to sell them, just to give out. So if you are interested in exchanging cards with me, please contact me.

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend Nicole and a belated birthday to Raine. 😀

I didn’t end up winning a place in the top three in the competition I entered, but that is fine. I am truly happy that I was a semi-finalist. 😀

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  1. Happy Birthday Nicole & Raine!!!

    Congrats on being a semi-finalist! I’m sure that took a lot of work just to get that far.
    I can’t wait to see the designs you bought!!!

    1. I am trying to get onto it early this year, instead of last minute (which I usually do) haha. Good luck, hopefully you can get that done soon. 😀

  2. Still congrats on making it so far. And yes, those Christmas card designs are really beautiful. I would love to exchange one with you but apparently I have no time. 🙁

  3. I read your tweet about the competition and I was like NUUU U SHOULD HAVE WON, but oh well, you didn’t really have anything to lose, and you have talent regardless. And I am sure it will be recognised in another competition in the future so don’t give up. 🙂

    I’d love to exchange cards so I will send you an email ~~~~

  4. Yay for you making semi finals! 😀 And I might have to take you on that offer for exchanging Christmas cards~

    Also, thank you so much for offering for me to email you <3 That alone cheered me up a lot. You've always seemed like a positive and open person to me, so if you don't mind too terribly I will keep that offer in the back of my mind in case I really need it <3 <3

    1. 😀 I would love to exchange cards with you. I will send you an email. You are always welcome to talk to me if you ever need too. <3

  5. Ugh! I haven’t even began to think about Thanksgiving, and now I have to figure out the whole Christmas card debacle. 😛 I always plan to send some out and I always, without fail, forget to buy something that I need. Maybe I should get started earlier? 😀

    1. Starting early is a good idea. That is what I have plans to do this year and will stick to them. At least I have the cards ready to go. 😀

  6. «The queen buys Congratulations on the contest. You have done well!.»

    «Thank you for the birthday wish! for me!» (Wow, Sloganizer put for me.. Creepy!)

    «Free Happy Birthday to Raine!.»

    «Let us exchange. I will also send you the card I made you like a year ago, too. only.» (I did not write “only.” That was the only thing the sloganizer contributed to this slogan).

    «I love you long time. is the best!»

    P.S. Mocp;e was supposed to be Nicole

  7. Sorry to hear you didn’t place with the Billy Blue comp, I loved your entry! Still, semi finalist is pretty good! Hope all is well 🙂

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