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11 years

So I decided to shuffle things around again and now have my blog back on a self-hosted WordPress and plan on using it as a personal blog, as it has been for a long time. I was rather inspired by Liz and how honest her blog is and thought that I should really do that too. I also decided to restore all of my old blog posts (from 2003 onwards). Many of these older entries are pretty crazy, but they are mine and I shouldn’t hide from them, at least I know I have grown as a person (… hopefully).

Because I haven’t designed a website for a long time (let alone a WordPress theme) I decided to purchase one. So I brought Keilir which I think is rather awesome and should work well until I decide to make my own theme again.

I have kept the previous posts I was making of daily inspiration/creative things and moved those to which I will still continue to work on.

There hasn’t been a lot going on at the moment, or rather nothing exciting. I am trying to deal with a lot of mental health issues, that I might address later.


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  1. I am glad you have a personal blog again. I agree that it can be good to honestly document things. It can help you to learn and grow and see patterns that maybe you couldn’t see otherwise. I love this layout, too.

    I would like to talk with you soon..

  2. YAY! I was so sad when you moved over to tumblr, great to see you back!

    I’m looking to buy a theme too, do you have any sites in particular that you buy from generally?

    1. Yay! πŸ˜€ I thought I was being really smart moving to Tumblr and having a blog that was inspiration and stuff. But then I realised I missed having a blog that was more personal, whoops.

      I have been buying themes from Theme Forrest there are some rather amazing themes around there. Even though the price can be up to $50 for WordPress ones, the quality in my opinion is worth it. ;p

  3. Love love love that you’re back. You are one of my favourite and bloggers in the word and it puts a smile on my face that is up again. It is looking gorgeous! It’s crazy how you attempted to restore all the old posts but I can understand why. I might stalk you and re-read old entries. XD *hugs*Looking forward for more writings from you and more commenting from me. Whee~

  4. I am so glad your personal blog is back. You are one of the people who inspires me most, now I want to kick myself up the bum and get my blogging back into gear. XD

    Never be ashamed of who you are. πŸ™‚ It’s all part of the learning curve. <3

  5. I feel lovely to have been able to inspire you! I do really love this theme.

    I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your email yet. 😑 I will soon.

  6. I’m excited to hear these news! I missed your old blogging style (the more personal ones). I got to know you so much more that way. I adore your inspirational posts though, so I’m glad you’ll be continuing those on!

    All this just makes me want to do my own blog, but I know that will probably never happen!

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