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7 years

In life, we can become complacent with the things that matter and forget to acknowledge what is important to us in the present. We may not realise that something or someone meant so much until circumstances change. I know that one day, I am going to be thinking about this time of my life, and possibly wish that I could grasp some element of it again. I’m lucky to have a wonderfully kind mother and father, find myself in a better place mentally, have great friends and have the opportunity to study and forge a path for myself. It’s not to say that some of us live in harmonious bubbles without negative influences. Bad things happen and they effect us in different ways. The point is, there might be something, however small or large, that means something to you right now. That is truly worth recognising and being thankful for.

There are many things that I am thankful for at this moment in my life and will possibly discover even more as I continue to evaluate and explore.

My Family

I am so grateful to have wonderful parents. My kind, intelligent, curious, funny and tea adoring mum. My funny, sweet, caring and fire patch obsessed dad. We are a bit quirky, we tend to do our own thing, but we understand each other and most importantly are there to support each other. We went through a lot of difficult times, when my grandparents passed and dad was diagnosed with cancer twice, when he went through treatment and had major operations. It was extremely difficult, but how lucky I am that I still have them. That they are in my life and I can talk to them and share with them.

Mental Health

I am grateful that I find myself in a place where I am mentally much more stable. There was a time where I did not have the ability to consider a future for myself or that I was worthy of an education or any form of positive influence. I fought very hard through depression, psychosis and trying to understand what was real in a completely distorted reality. I have a better understanding of how I work, what triggers me and how I have to manage my mental health. It’s something that will never go away and I may have episodes in the future, but maybe I can look back on this post and remind myself that at one time I was able to feel like I had control and that over time you can get back there.

I often felt very afraid, worthless, isolated, angry and confused. I couldn’t have dreamed that I would be here now, thinking about those times and saying that, right now, I am doing alright.


I am grateful that I have found the strength and determination to study at University. To learn and discover new things about an area of interest that I love (design), is such an awesome thing. Not only do I have the opportunity to study, but I am also feeling more confident in the consideration of what degree I want and my future. The reason that this is so significant to me, is that I never felt that I was good enough to study at University, I wasn’t smart enough or talented enough and would never get accepted. I am so proud of myself for taking that leap and realising that I can do it. For the first time ever I scored a 100/100 on an assessment and my GPA is a 4.0.

I am discovering so much about the industry of design and of myself as a creative individual. It has also been a great enabler in pushing me to go above and beyond.


I am grateful for the friends that I have in my life. The awesome people that have been such a great support to me and stuck by through all the noodles. The ones that I have been so blessed to watch as they grow and develop as people and have played such a big part of my life. Mum, Nicole and Claire, I can’t imagine life being the same without you, and I am so thankful for all the moments and memories that we share.

I am also grateful for the new friends, the blog friends and website buddies that have made this whole personal blog thing an interesting and enjoyable experience. Some blogs I have been visiting for over ten years and it has been so great to join along as each story unfolds.


  1. What are you thankful for?

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  1. I love seeing posts like this! We all go through our lives taking things for granted. I know I’m guilty of doing that, but I’m becoming more self-aware to the point I am thankful a lot of things — even the little things that didn’t matter to me once.

    I am glad things have become better for your mental health. It also seems like your education is helping you in a lot of ways, which is a good thing. Seeing your educational posts make me realise that I miss learning. I’ve been thinking about pursuing a second master’s degree, but I am not sure on that yet, but it’s something I’m deeply considering.

    Friends and families are definitely important. I know if it weren’t for them, I’d be pretty miserable. I am thankful for my parents and my auntie, and I am especially thankful for my online and offline friends.

    1. Thank you! 😀 That would be really cool to look at further education options. Take some time and think about it, see what is out there and you might find something that really fits! 😀

  2. This post warms my heart. You’re right, with the busyness of life sometimes we forget to stop and look around at what we’re thankful for. I know that since I started meditation I’ve become much more aware of this! It’s been great 😀

    I think your achievements at University has been amazing and I am so proud of you <3 Your determination to learn has really inspired me for my upcoming final year!

    I'm always thankful for people online, I always click so well with everyone and everyone has always been so so so supportive!

  3. Kya, I love you! And am so proud of the amazing progress you have made and continue to make. I am guilty of becoming complacent of what I have, and I need to work on being more in the here and now. This post is a good reminder for you and for others. Continue to believe in yourself because you are kicking butt in school and in your life.

  4. I always get caught up in the idea of the future and am always saying, “I can’t wait until (blank),” whether that’s finishing college, getting a new job, paying off my loans, etc. I’m always so anxious to get to the next phase of my life that I completely overlook all the good things I’ve got going for myself right now at this very moment.

    That’s what this post made me think of – I’m just thankful for this very moment of my life. I know someday I’m going to miss being right where I am, as I now miss other phases of my life. I’m thankful for a husband and family who loves me, and close friends who are always there to support me. I’m thankful for a challenging job, and good blogging friends.

    Loved this post, Kya. <3

    1. 🙂 It’s so great that you have many things to be thankful of and that I could allow you to consider them / or rather just shine a little light on the idea. ou3uo

  5. I’ve thankful that you have hosted my butt all this time. ?❤️

    You have a wonderful supporting family and I’ve honestly been a little envious of this the whole time I’ve been reading your blog. I don’t have parents who are as supportive – they have a few quirks because of a lot of cultural influence and that Australia is not their home country haha – but I have loved reading about the support you always get from your family in everything you do. Whenever something upsetting happens in your family you are always all there for each other and that’s wonderful. That’s the best relationship to have with your parents ?

    It’s amazing how close we can be to online friends, and I’m also very grateful for mine. It can be hard to turn to someone and talk to someone in person, and sometimes typing up a bit of a rant and having someone on the other end to listen is just what we need.

    I’ve struggled through some mental health myself, and sometimes I do look back and see how far I’ve come. It’s hard to believe that I had those dark times, and how I felt during those dark times. But knowing that I am stronger than before really helps me keep going.


    1. Hahaha. It’s been a while and it’s all good. 😀

      I know that everyone has a very different relationship with their parents and I know how lucky I am to have that with mine. I try to be open and understand about how we all live in different circumstances.

      I am glad that you have made it so far through your own struggles. I hope you know that I would be here to support you if you ever had a hard fight again. :*3

  6. Reading about the things that you’re thankful for makes me happy. I do agree that there are times when we don’t realize that a certain person/object can have so much meaning until it’s too late. Your dad is strong for powering through cancer twice. Hats off to him.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better as far as mental health goes. Keep it up!

    Congrats on having a 4.0 GPA! It is amazing to see how much you’re learning and enjoying your classes. I’m thankful for everyone who adds value to my life along with having the ability to earn the good stuff in life :).

  7. Aww, this is a great post! I think it’s a good thing to stop and think about things we’re thankful for. It can be easy to take things for granted otherwise. I’m so glad that you have supportive parents and that you have such a good relationship with them. I also think you’ve achieved a lot in terms of your mental health and university! That’s great that you’ve learned how to manage your mental health, and you’re definitely smart and talented enough for university. I love viewing what you’ve done!

    I’m grateful for my family and friends as well and am so happy that I have people who support me. I’m also grateful that we’ve become blog friends!

  8. Wow! Congrats on scoring a 100/100 and achieving a 4.0 gpa.

    I love posts like this! I think it’s really hard (at least for me personally) to think about what I am most thankful for. It’s really easy to overlook certain aspects of your life because they’re always there but I think reflections like this is a great way to remember that we each have a lot to be thankful for.

    I’m thankful for different things as well but like you I am definitely thankful for all the great people I got to meet via my blog. I always look forward to your posts!

    1. Thank you! I certainly didn’t expect when I started University again that I would have such a high grade. I have been working hard though, and really trying to push myself to try and take as much from the classes as I can. 😀

  9. Good post for sure, I share almost all the same things, except for the university bit. Mine is more like I’m just thankful I have a job that isn’t super terrible.

  10. This is really beautiful Kya! It’s very important to reflect on what you have in life, and not dwell on what you don’t. I am thankful for my friends, family, health, crafts and education! <3

  11. There are so many things to be thankful that we often just take for granted, especially the small things.
    I’m glad you’re doing better Kya, I didn’t know how much you fought hard, but I’m sure you are one strong person! 🙂

  12. I love this post! I’m so glad that you were able to stop and remind yourself how grateful you are.

    I’m thankful that you’re around to provide resources for a lot of bloggers. It’s so cool that you’ve been able to maintain a directory and a blog prompt among other things.

    I’m also thankful for my friends and family who have always had my back and are always looking out for them. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

    I’m thankful that I have a bed in my college apartment, even if it’s just a dysfunctional air mattress.

    Things could always be worse.

    1. Thank you. I love to try and provide helpful things for bloggers. I would love to do more, but have to try and manage my time as best I can.

      Glad you have family and friends. Even if it’s an air mattress it’s a bed. 😀

  13. i really love reading this kind of post, they always make me smile.

    while parents or family aren’t always perfect and flawless, i still thank mine for giving me the chance to pursue and finish college. i’m not gonna lie, i do fight a lot with my parents and they have this typical personality of manipulative asian parents (let’s not make me get into details) but in some ways, i still remind myself not to completely ditch them because hey, i may be temperamental but i’m not an asshole. it’s nice to know your family understands you though. i wish mine does that too but oh well, there’s no use in getting sad over things that will never really happen.

    as for my mental health, i can’t say that i’m now mentally stable because i’m not. i still feel anxious and depressed every now and then and when the anxiety or depression kick in, i tend to be aggressive and agitated. unfortunately for me, nobody at home relates to it. my parents…well, they’re not the kind of people who accept this kind of stuff. they think it’s stupid and unreal (see, this is why i’m conflicted when it comes to family issues) but at least i have my best friends with me so yea, there’s that to be thankful for.

    there are so many things to be thankful in this ugly world and i’m always on the path to discover more, even if the things that make me happy are small, little moments that may seem so trivial and unnecessary to some people. sometimes we just have to pause and look at things from a different angle, right… gotta read between the lines kind of thing, ya know 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes it takes a long time to find stability or the right balance with your mental health. It’s a very personal journey and it’s not really one you can compare with another person, because we all have to find the way to getting there. It’s not a situation where I think ‘I am better forever’. I understand that there are going to be problems in the future, I just have to go with it and try and land on my feet. It’s hard not having people who understand. Or who try and place the blame on you, when it’s not your fault at all.

  14. I’m glad that you all have those positive vibes on you.

    I’m thankful that I’m doing well on my career. At least on my job and friends and families too. Keep it up. 😀

  15. I’m thankful for being healthy and doing/learning what I like.

    It’s great to be thankful and be reminded how great your life is currently is.

  16. You have come so far, and I am so very proud of you. ?

    I am thankful for my family/pets, my boyfriend, friends both new and old, having a good job which pays well, a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, and still being alive and kicking!

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