Back to a place I saw before

16 years

I am back home again! It was only a few days but it feels like a few weeks have passed me by. It was good to get away and see my friend before she moves to America and get to see my other friends new baby. He is adorable and really advaned for a three month old. He tries to talk and is always kicking and looking around and really obsorbing everything around him. I was try and cram the last week into a few small parts. I said try.

1. We went shopping on friday and I brought hair dye. Once again my hair is the colour it is meant and destined to be – bright red. <33

2. I went to the doctor and she has placed me on anti depresant medication. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea but I know I need to do something. She wants me to see her again in two weeks and see how things are going and then we can work out what direction to take. I was pleased she didn’t want to take my blood. ;P

3. We left on Saturday, got lost on the way down, finally arrived a few hours late and settled in. We talked, drank tea, laughed and cried about the future. Sunday was much the same but we had some lunch at the beach and I took some photos around some rock pools (I shall upload the photos to Flickr a little later).

4. Monday I went to see a Psychic. This was very interesting and I was excited about doing it. People that do know me well, will know how much I value, respect and keep touch of the spiritual side of life and how important it is to me. I’m very spiritual (not religious) and that is a part of me. I can’t just strip that down and take it away and I would never want too. Anyway, these are the main things she said to me that you may find interesting.

She told me I was extermely psychic and I will do readings for people. Not as a career track, but just to earn extra money and to be able to help people and stay connected with that realm. She said I would be able to see them (spirits), and tarot and jewellery readings would be good for me. She also said that writing books is definatly my thing and I will write many and be very sucessful. I will start off with childrens books then create larger ones about various things. She said I will draw on my pyshic abilities and also my love of history and science. At first I will have some money and then later I will have a lot, and what I find to be very exciting is when she mentioned one of the books will even be made into a movie! Hopefully that will be in my lifetime so I am able to see it. šŸ™‚ She mentioned that I was here to help people, by giving messages to them from the other side and by making children happy and making them laugh.

Much of what she said could very well come to pass. She was also able to give me certain bits of information about things in my life that I had not mentioned. She picked up on the new medication and another upcoming holiday, she even named the destination and I had said nothing. So it will be interesting to see what shall come. I had already started on a childrens book prior to that and I have been practicing drawing all the time and I am getting better each try. My idea, my dream of this book could be closer then I ever thought and it really makes me happy.

5. Tuesday back home again and today I went down to care for Nanna for most of the day.

It was nice to catch up with people. I’ll work on catching up on what I missed tomorrow. šŸ™‚

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  1. I am so glad everything turned out great for you! I had read your previous entry, but was too much of a lazy bum to actually comment. I did send me comment through my mind, although I am not sure it came out. šŸ˜€

    I am so happy you had a great time with your friend! I know how that all is (as my (sort-of-related) brother lives in Kansas and only comes down once or twice a year. I am sure ya’ll will keep in touch, and she might be back! Also, red is awesome (and I wish my sister would do it again) so yeah.

    I was once on anti-depressants, and sometimes your feelings can be a bit of depression. I’m not sure if you are depressed, but anti-depressants might make you feel a bit better.

    I am glad your Psychic trip was well-received, I have always wanted to go to one, and I think I might have to use you. šŸ˜› I agree on all aspects of what she said, and I believe you ARE here for a purpose. ;D

  2. I hope you feel better with the meds! People sometimes freak out over them, but they are not that bad, I swear. :/

    And the psychic… They freak me out, personally. XD I feel like they stare into you too much. D: I’d rather keep myself to myself…

  3. Yay for hair dye! I wish I had the balls to dye my hair bright red – I love it! Last time I dyed my hair (well, the hairdresser did anyway) I got it dark purple with 3 huge chunks of bright red in between – but not on the top layer, a little underneath so it would shine through. It seems the purple has turned to brown for the most part already (luckily it’s a lively brown, not my own dead ugly colour brown), but the red it still there and I’m in love with it. Bright colours in hair are too awesome – years ago I had bright pink parts, loved it as well. Sooo, I’ll stop rambling on about this now :p. (And don’t worry about Bob, he’s probably bold and jealous ;)).

    I hope the anti depressants will work great for you =). I’m a little scared to take them and don’t want meds like that, but it seems it won’t be long before I will have to. This just aint working =(.

    Good luck sweetie *hugs*

  4. Gah, I am so horrible with keeping up! I am going to go and subscribe to the rss right now so I can keep up! šŸ™‚ I know this already all happened and what not, but I really wanted to comment.

    I had a feeling you suffered from depression but you’re so much better at hiding it than me. It’s funny how we work. In real life, I hide it from people and online I don’t that much. You’re the other way around…it seems. I do see you hiding it in real life too. As for the anti depressents, I hope they work for me. I’ve taken medication before and I hated it. It took my depression alright, but left me feeling empty and I just don’t want to experience that again. But everyone has different reactions, yeah?


    I’m kind of sad we never talked about it though. šŸ™ Don’t feel you can’t talk about anything with me, love. I suffer from really bad depression myself and have for years (I actually have bi-polar disorder). And even if I didn’t, I’m always willing to listen. You won’t burden me.

    You know I love you, right?

    As for the psychic, part of me wants to say she’s a scam, but I know not all of them are. I guess I say that because she didn’t say anything bad…and there always has to be something bad in someones life. Or maybe you’re not saying? šŸ˜‰

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