Australia sheds another tear

18 years

It has been a hard past five days for many Australians, with the loss of the great Steve Irwin, that has hit us all hard, but today another Australian legend has passed away. For most people the name Peter Brock was a house hold name. A racing car driver that was the fans man and earned the nick name Peter Perfect. As loved as he was by his fans he still was king of the mountain on the race track and was almost unbeatable. In a rally car accident Brocky lost controll of his car and ran into a tree, ending the life of one of Australia’s greatest sporting legends. Having met him many times, Brocky was a nice and generous man who always took time to talk with his fans and sign things. I know I will miss him terribly along with all the motorsport world.

Steve and Peter had done so many wonderful things for this country and the world. They are two legends that I will forever miss and I know that even if they are no longer with us, their spirits will shine on in history, as two people who strove to make a difference and bring happiness to other peoples lives, thank you for everything!

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  1. That was beautifully written, Kya.

    I don’t know much about Peter but based from what I have read and what you told me he, too, was a truly wonderful man Their losses are terrible but their souls will definitely live on in all the people they reached through all good they did. I can only hope that the deaths of men like these will bring upon awareness and hopefully a little of them goes into each of us.

    R.I.P Steve and Peter. You will be missed but never forgotten.

  2. I’ve never heard of Peter Brock, but all the same it’s still so sad. I’ve been so upset over Steve Irwin’s death. Last night I almost cried knowing that I would ever be able to watch him on Animal Planet ever again. *sigh*

    R.I.P. Steve Irwin and Peter Brock.

  3. I get why people are upset about their deaths, but personally, not a big deal to me, I never heard from Peter before, because I don’t like racing, and Steve Irwin, kinda expected, I mean he did such scary and dangerous things in his life…

  4. I was really sad when I heard of Steve Irwin’s death. I’ve grown up with seeing him on television, and I thought his work was exciting. I’ve never heard of Peter Brock before, but it seems like he was an amazing man. It’s very sad when people like this suddenly dies.

  5. *cuddles* I’d heard of Steve Irwins death but not Peter Brock. Oh noo :(. Peter sounds like a really great guy and its awful to hear that he died in an accident. It’s sad when people die but these 2 specials will never be forgotten. RIP Steve and Peter.

  6. That’s really sad – I don’t know Peter Brock, but I was certainly (negatively) suprised when I heard about Steve Irwin’s death. I always wondered how someone can have so much energy and enthusiam…. ^^

  7. I can’t believe Steve IRwin has passed away. He was such an important figure in our world. He was so passionate in what he did. =( And I haven;t heard of Peter Brock. Maybe I have but it doesn’t ring a bell. But I’m sorry he has passed away too. RIP Steve Irwin and Peter Brock. ♥

  8. Aww Yes Kya, I know that’s been tragic and well things happen for a reason. And I know it seems like it was taken away from them too soon, but it was sort of expected because of the things they did for a living, the things that made them shine and known for. They will rest in peace and this blog was truely a nice tribute to them. πŸ™‚

  9. it really is sad to see two great australians gone.. heard bout steve irwin from my younger sisters & the other guy, i read it on the net.. RIP to the both of them..

  10. I too haven’t heard of Peter Brock, but you’ve described him well. And I thought that it was very sad when I read about Steve in the newspaper. I watched his show a lot on Animal Planet growing up. It was really… unexpected.

    RIP, to Steve and Peter.

  11. Brocky’s racing on that great big motorpark in the sky now, but Bathurst is never gonna be the same again without its King. I still can’t believe he’s gone…

    This country has lost two of its best ambassadors, men who were hugely passionate and extremely considerate in all circumstances, men who embodied the best of what it means to be Australian, perhaps the luckiest echelon in this Lucky Country. Yet their luck ran out. We are lesser people without them.

  12. Waaaaahhh Steve Irwin! πŸ™
    No more *in Australian accent* “Danger danger dragon poo!”.

    Steve Irwin was like a super hero! I thought nothing could’ve hurt him or anything! πŸ™

    R.I.P. Steve and Peter Perfect

  13. I fed myself to your sister last night. That brings your brain power down a good 10-20 percent at least, perhaps more.


  14. That was very nicely written. I only remember Steve Irwin as the Crocodile Hunter we used to laugh to when we saw him on discovery channel.
    PS. Love your layout!

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