At the Devils Party.

18 years

Wow, I stayed up and watched an early morning show today. INXS was on it, and they are coming here in September. Ho’ my god, I really want to go. As far as I know tickets go on sale tommorow…. I wants to go so damn much! Surely I can con someone to go with me, anyone! *pants*

I also updated my wishlist, it has some items I want. Like INXS stuff… Heh, yeah I am a little obsessed at the moment. *cough*

Planning on getting a new domain soon, just have to find the right name. It’s going to be for my webmaster Fanlistings, because I love them peeps.

Thanks for all the comments, yes Chicken pox three times is very weird. But I am not dead yet so that is a bonus, or for some people it might be upsetting, depends how you view it. ;D But I will keep living, forever. Mwuahaha.

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  1. xP. You are very very very special Kya dear.
    Pretty pretty theme. Malfoy is just in sync with wishless themes, somehow xD. And three times chicken pox, real cool. But do take care of yourself ~ hmm yea.
    More domains hmm. xD Can’t wait to see them. Much luffs.
    xPPPP Hee forever neh? xDDDDD -hugs-

  2. Good luck lovely on getting tickets and going. Concerts are an amazing thing, esp. for those you are obsessed with! hahaha
    Glad you seem to be feeling better!! *hugs*
    And another domain?! Thats cool though because I agree that webmasters FLs are special!! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeh, thats fine, lol. I know it’s up to you, and i don’t want to influecnce you, but im 14, and i find it quite patronising! I “Know The Ways Of The Internet” as you can see, i run my own wesite. I haven’t yet had a bad comment. I just find it strange how you can say that someone under 16, doesn’t “Know The Ways Of The Internet”

  4. Well let’s not get carried away and say -forever- lol for that will make you immoratal and we both know, in the real world no one is immortal πŸ˜› No matter HOW much Harry Potter you watch! Lol kidding πŸ˜‰

  5. Awl, you could invite along your personalities but then you might stand out a little TOO much? πŸ˜› How about you invite Axl, oh wait he is a personality too… But you need to get on stage and rock out ishta. I’d go if I could, then we could do zee music on the stage. I didn’t say ‘make the music’ because that could have sounded porkverted. πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I really do hope you can go! Voo hoo. Oh and when you put HoΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’ my god, I so thought of Tom and whores. :S Awl, a name for your webmasters Fanlistings. We is loved isn’t we? *cough* πŸ˜‰ Yeah, baby, yeah! OMG, you haven’t die? HOLY FOCKING SHIT DUDE. Thanks for telling me, because I really was confused there for a while. I was like dude, wtf?! She has chicken pox threes times, why is she still talking to me? It is a miracle! Praise Tom! But now I know you’re not dead, so there really wasn’t a miracle after all. *Sigh hail* Oh well. πŸ™ Oh, and yes it DOPE. (woops, seriously, I quit using that shit muggle fushkers!!!) DOES* depend on how you look at it. πŸ™‚ Tis all in the eyes and the ears of the beholder/ Actually, no. Depending on the situation, the teller and the shower can have something to do with it too. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey sweetlovee *squishes*
    I thought I’d leave a more blog related comment ;). I really hope you get to go and see INXS! You should do what I do.. buy at least 2 tickets.. and from now until the day of the gig.. force someone to go with you πŸ˜€ Always works for me ;D
    Your idea for that new domain is adorable and so cute :D. *dances*
    Yay for you not being dead xP that is def a bonus πŸ˜€
    Love as always πŸ˜€ xox

  7. Look at me, I got food on myself again. I am hopeless. Where’s the eyes that deliver the Tibet tears when you need them? *le sigh*

  8. Tee hee! *sprinkles fairy dust on all the little pixies* May your lives be filled with love, laughter, and happiness, for all time!

    Bye the way, I am still looking for my Wendy. πŸ˜‰

  9. Oooo, oooo! Let me see if I can find my inner ghetto. Hehehehe!

    Yo Wendy, my bitch, why don’t you come over here and stop bein’ such a *edited for content* tease you little *edited for content* *edited for content* Im *edited for content* *edited for content* your *edited for content* *edited for content* you little *edited for content*

  10. Peter yo gunna have a cap in yo ass. Fuck dat shit, Ima kick ya ass. Wendy get yo own hoe, biatch.

  11. I am glad you are excited abouy seeing INXS. It sounds fun and I hope you can get the tickets.

    Oh – a new domain? πŸ˜€ That sounds fun! I just got one so I know how it feels to get a new domain!

    And I really hope that the chickenpox will get better. It must suck to have them!

  12. wow you have bad luck when it comes to the chicken pox I’m 22 and have never seen anyone get it more then 2 times. I had them when I was little I dont even remember them, i would have a fit if i got them again. I got enough problems, I dont need chicken pox too LOL.

  13. Good luck getting tickets! Hey, props for you finding out early, whenever a band I love comes to my area I’m always convientantly as soon as I realize they’re sold out.

    Oh wow, third time’s a charm, right? Hope you feel better, get some rest and drink lots of herbal tea. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, I have never heard about INXS before. Perhaps I ought to check it out…

    Everybody seems to be going to concerts these days, which makes me soo jealous. I’d want to go to, but the concerts around here are either for “above 18-only” or far too expensive for me. Well, I guess I just have to wait it out.

    Lol, being alive is most certainly a bonus.

  15. hehe,m hope someone will come with you! I’d love to go ….wherever you were going πŸ˜€ A new domain, you don’t say? hehe πŸ˜› name it KYA.COM πŸ˜€ I’m goign to go check your wishlist out now, I have no idea what INXS is sorry πŸ™

  16. chicken pox 3times!?!well, I think you’re really really special xD haha, well if everything goes well and you’re not half way dead maybe it will turn normal soon? πŸ˜› who knows, I’ve never heard about anyone that have had CP 3 times, maybe you’re the first and is chosen to be world-known xD yeeeah!! πŸ˜›

  17. Go! Have fun! Dance! ALOT! Concerts are the best, we aboslutely adore & love concert above all other things in the world (except maybe Harry Potter, Draco and such glorious out-og-wordly-beautiful-and-delicious-things..)
    Happy Easter (what’s left of it anyway).
    Chicken pox sucks, but now that you’ve had it thrice, you can’t possibly get it again.. (it would’ve been sort of fun if you did, but now it’s like HP-ish “…who have thrice defied him”, but now it’s “…who have thrice defied it”) :S xP
    yeah. I’ll sleep some more now..

    ps! you wouldn’t mind helping me with my wordpress, I’m trying to make a theme so I can start using it, but I’ve found out I kind of suck at it.. :S

  18. XD i feel like I have commented on this before, but i havnt. Crazy alice has arrived. I say you go to american and kidnap nicole and take her with you tee hee πŸ˜€ she wont mind πŸ˜›

    In a way getting it three times is quite lucky, because three is a lovely number, not as lovely as 7 but i’d rather you didnt get it seven times *hugs*

  19. Ooooh, prettey theme! I like.

    Chickenpox THREE times!? You should call the Guinnius Book of World Records. I don’t think thats normal! πŸ™‚

    Ps- INXS is sooooooo good live. You must go!

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