Assignment 1 [TICK]

13 years

Somehow through the craziness that was creeping into my brain (see twitter post) I finished assignment one for both topics (NET102 & WEB101) I was working on. Mind you I was working until 5:30am and I can’t say the quality maintained the same level. It is my fault though and I am willing to accept the consequences for leaving it to the last minute, I am going to make sure I actually manage my time a lot better from here on out (that is the idea anyway, only future blog posts will determine the real outcome ahha).

I am finally going to see Poppy tomorrow. I felt so bad that I couldn’t see him, I thought I would have finished my work in time, but I completely misinterpreted how much I had to do. At least now I might give myself two days to feel a bit human (today counted).

Server bill is paid, haazaa. Now I have no money left. :0 Also, my room is a complete mess I can literally not walk on the floor. Eh. It started with an idea of having a good clean, that has just contributed to making everything HELLO.

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  1. How much is your server bill and how often do you pay it? Sucks you don’t have money left over but it must feel good to know your server is paid 🙂

    Congrats on finishing! I could never stay up until 530 in the morning :/

    1. @Erin Thankfully the money issue can change (like it has now). 😀 The server costs me $355 a month, worth it though because I know I have a slid server that works the way I want it to. 😀

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