Art crack, you say?

14 years

I think the smiley cupcake has turned out to be an evil cupcake of doom, because once I started I couldn’t stop trying to make pixels and vectors of various things.

Besides the art addiction how have I been? Bleh, it has been really hard for me at the moment. I try to sleep and keep having dreams about Nanna or waking up thinking she is still here, then getting very upset when I know she isn’t. The silly thing, I know she is in a good place now and she can finally be free of age and pain, it is just really hard to get over it. I think the situation of watching her pass away has also really impacted me strongly that I am having trouble dealing with. One day at a time.


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  1. Hehe, the owl looks like he’s eyeing up that heart doubtfully! XD I love it! I adore the open-eyed cow the most, but I think the shading on the grey owl is just lovely. Very well done! It’s great to see your progress over the last few months. 😀

  2. The winking cows are freaking me out! 😛
    I hope things get easier for you moving forward and that soon you’ll be able to think of all the great memories of your Nanna without the associated pain of her being gone.
    .-= Last Post: Off my Feet =-.

  3. You are so talented by jewelly bean! I can’t believe you did all those yourself, it takes so much attention to detail and overall magic. It’s magical. x:cupcakestraw: x:cupcakechoc: Yum!

    *squish* One day at a time… you’re being very strong and over time you will remember the best things, but you will never forget her for sure. She is always here with you but also in a better place, in a new place. I love you!
    .-= Last Post: Over the Rise =-.

  4. Oh, I love the owl! 😀

    And, I’m really sorry about your grandmother. It’s always hard to see someone move on. The fact that you can’t see them, though they can see you. Remember, she’s always there, no matter where she is mentally or physically. 🙂

  5. *hugs* Thank you so much for your sweet comment. <33

    I love the pixels! 😀 I haven't done pixel art in a while. It always took a lot of time and patience and endless zooming in and out. :B But it's worth it when you're proud of the results and when they look this good. 😉 I love the owl. :3

    Maybe your dreams are just letting you know that your Nanna is okay. It's sad that you wake up and realise that she isn't here, but I hope at least you're having nice dreams with good memories of her. *hugs* 🙂
    .-= Last Post: Defenceless =-.

  6. @Nadine: Thank you!

    @Jennifer: Thanks, I thought the Grey Owl looked kind of weird, haha. Poor fellow, no love from Mummy.

    @Kalliste: Blink, blink blink he wants to eat braaainz. It could happen….

    @Raine: Thank you my darling, wonderful blossom. It does take a bit of time, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes easier. 😀 Love you.

    @Cappy: *hugs* Thank you!

    @Kitty: Moooo! ^_^

    @Georgina: For serious, it does take some work with the zoom in, zoom out action. I think I am used to it now haha. I love your pixels, you were one of the people that really inspired me to start making them. 3_3

    @Kate: Toooo good it just might be bad. *woffle* LOVE YOU Daddy! ^_^

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