April & May 2018

April & May 2018

6 years

Hello! It’s me again. 😂 It’s only been another two months, but I am finally sharing my recap for April & May 2018.

🎓 University

I completed the class, Introduction to Digital Imaging, which involved Photoshop compositions based around pictorialism, photomontage and surrealism. I don’t have as much confidence in Photoshop as I do in Illustrator, so it was an excellent challenge to spend more time in this program.

I was slightly disappointed in myself and my performance. I felt there was an opportunity to create some great work, but I couldn’t seem to lift my creativity to the great heights I aspired too. I was aiming for High Distinctions on assignments, but only achieved Distinctions, which isn’t that bad really. It just means that my GPA will be affected. Not the end of the world, right? 😆

Here are a couple of my favourites that I submitted. You can view more on my study blog.

Organic Beauty by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Organic Beauty by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Waning Innocence by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Waning Innocence by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)

🧠 Mental Health

The last four months have been hard. I can’t count the number of times I have felt so tired and unmotivated that it was an enormous effort to do simple daily tasks. I know that this is all attributed to the bad news from February & March and also trying my best to complete my Uni class.

I have found myself withdrawn from blogging and social media. At first, I felt very guilty about this and that I was letting my friends down. I have learned that it’s okay, sometimes you have to focus on you, and if that means stepping back from social streams, it’s cool.

I’m taking it slow, making lists and celebrating the small wins.

☁ Other News

  • 🎼 Looking forward to an exciting month in August, going to see Pink and Bob Dylan in concert with my twinadillo Claire!
  • 🐶 Alice has been a little bit naughty, and I need to continue with training.
  • 🖥 I have been working on a couple of logo designs which has been a cool creative challenge (it can be intimidating at first haha 🤣).

💬 Questions

  • How has your life been?
  • Did you do anything exciting in April & May 2018?
  • Looking forward to anything later in the year?

6 Responses

  1. Congrats on finishing your digital imaging class Kassy! and yaay you for taking a class in a skill you’re not entirely comfortable with. I tried to do this during my time at university as well, and although the assignments were challenging, I always felt glad that I did take it in the end.

    I really hope your mental health gets better soon. I’m sure the Australian weather isn’t helping either, what with it getting darker earlier and earlier in the day. I’m glad you’re taking time to focus on yourself; I’m sure your friends understand.

    My life has been pretty busy the first half of the year, trying to finish my degree. Now that I’ve handed everything in, I’m just taking it slow, and taking time to do things I’ve been wanting to do for the last two years. It’s been fun.

  2. I’m sorry your mental health has been at a low. 😞 Normal tasks can feel really demotivating when you don’t have the mental energy to deal with them. I know you are trying your best. You don’t need to feel guilty and you are definitely not letting us down! I am just glad you are OK. I was happy to see a new blog post pop up 😊 I understand you’ve been busy with university as well!

    I really like your Waning Innocence piece. It’s really… it is surreal! Which I guess means you did it right 😉 I find it very captivating.

    When I was in university I was graded with Pass/Credit/Distinction/High Distinction too. The only thing I did not like about this is that I might have been a few marks off a HD, but I got a standard grading for a Distinction. The “worded” (I don’t know the correct term) grading doesn’t seem as fair as if you got a numeric score like “84” because the range for a Distinction is like 75–84 😩

    It was my birthday in May so there were a few little celebrations. In April I popped over to Melbourne for a few days. I went to a few comedy shows (Ross Noble and James Veitch) and one of my high school friends got married last week!

    I’m looking forward to going to the U.S. next month! 🙂

  3. I’ve also been experiencing some depressing moments…or episodes of depression? Ugh, I don’t know. It’s a combination of things, and I’m trying so hard to not let my stress build up so high because of the repercussions that creates. With everything going on in the world (it seems like everyday there’s a new thing I can’t avoid hearing about), it makes sense, though. I know you’re not in the US, but like what I’m trying to say is that life’s hard and I get it. And it’s even harder when depression is involved. :/

    If you need to chat, I’m definitely here. <3

    My life has been “eh”, I guess. Because of the stuff on the news and my grandmother being part of the “right” politically, I have had a really low tolerance for negativity/hate lately to the point that I just want to stay in my room all day, or sometimes in bed. I don’t get how to do things beyond it. Like, trying to tolerate that, while she’s unknowingly got someone here directly affected by that negativity and hate, uses up all my spoons. I barely remember anything noteworthy I did in April/May 2018, but BRIGHT SIDE: If things continue moving well in that direction, I’ll be moving in with my cousin, her husband, and their load of kids. Kinda like a live-in nanny thing of sorts. I’m looking forward to it, because despite the circumstances, I think it’d be less stressful for me.

  4. I like the works that you did for your Digital Imaging class! I think they look great at least 🙂 I especially like the Waning Innocence one.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with your mental health though. You definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about being withdrawn from blogging and social media. Your own health is way more important. You need to do what’s right for you!

    My April and May has felt busy where I’m not sure where the time went, haha. I had a vacation in April, and then I spent most of my time since then cleaning up my house and preparing for the baby and out of town guests.

  5. Congrats on finish your digital imaging class! It is always good to take a break in whatever you are doing, even in blogging. I’m glad you are still active on Instagram even though you might not be as active in blogging. My ig is @thetreblestory. Do follow me if you are free. 🙂

  6. I love the pieces you submitted especially Play Has Fallen. I do love Gudetama.

    I feel ya on being totally unmotivated. It does get really hard. I hope you’re in a better place now – it definitely is okay to focus on yourself sometimes.

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