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17 years

I created a new theme for the site, I am quite happy with this one. I am not really sure what it looks like on other resolutions besides the bigger ones. So if you have any problems, let me know. To those that have visited many times before, you will notice its very different to what I usually do, sometimes it is fun to branch off and try new things. 🙂

I am fixing up a few problems around the site, so if you click on a page and it looks fugly, don’t worry I will get to it soon. I also want to change the cam picture, I love oscar, but need something fresh. 🙂

Take care everyone!

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  1. Diggin the new theme, very cute. It reminds me of around the world in 80 days, i used to love that movie when I was younger. Anyway I think it is very cute.

  2. And clearly, just more proof that people should build houses inside balloons. 😀 Among other things. It looks bootyful and i love it and you used the font! 😀

  3. i love the new theme and the colours are great. this is very original, I have been trying for a new original theme for my site.
    I love your cat Oscar, I recently got a new kitten (hes only 4 weeks old, he was an orphaned kitten so i bottle feed him) I almost named him Oscar, but decided on Thomas (which really isn’t original but he suited it) I also have another cat named Jasmine.

  4. Oh love, just to let you knnooow – on your tehlove competition page, the code in the textbox for the image code is cut off after “img”- for me, anyway. Hope that helps! *squish*

  5. Hello lovely! The new look is a beauty and you did a really brilliant job on it. It all looks so happy happy happy I love it 😀 *cuddlimushes*

  6. Heya! I love the new theme! I wish I could make something like this lol it’s simple but really cool 😀 Nice site 🙂

  7. aaaaw, it looks so freakin’ cute 😀 You’re brilliant Kya 😀 And it works fine for me on a 800×600 resolution *lols*

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