Alice Ava Grace

🐢 Alice Ava Grace

6 years

I would like to introduce the latest member of my family, the adorable, 🐢 Alice Ava Grace. Alice is just over ten weeks of age and is mostly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a touch of Beagle. She is incredibly sweet, loves to cuddle and has settled in very quickly.

There was a connection when we first met, and since she has been home, it has developed into a great bond.

Alice Ava Grace

Alice Ava Grace

Alice Ava Grace

Alice Ava Grace

I collected Alice from a breeder and while my original intentions were to adopt there were a few reasons why I chose a breeder instead. 1) I had fallen in love with the Beaglier (Cavalier x Beagle), and they were very rarely up for adoption. 2) I also looked at other smaller dogs on adoption sites, but those that I loved required that you had a dog already. 😒

I wanted to make sure the breeder was ethical, so I did research and made sure I visited the breeders home. I was impressed with the living conditions, the health of the dogs and their demeanour. Another reason for visiting the breeder was to allow the dog to choose me and Alice did. She came up to me, played, and sat near me. There was a connection, and since she has been home, it has developed into a great bond.Β πŸ’–

I love this little girl and look forward to many precious moments. Because I can’t stop myself from taking a million photos I created an Instagram for her, you can follow her @aliceavagrace!

P.S. I have some cats, and they have been adjusting relatively well. It will take a little time, and I am sure they will all get along. Thankfully Alice doesn’t bark or chase them, she likes to sit and look at them. 😍

P.P.S. Alice gets her name from my grandmother who loved animals and would have adored this cute little doggo. 😌

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  1. She’s adorable! I was planning to get myself a new dog this year, preferably a husky! I hope I get one, too. I can’t wait! Dogs are indeed a bundle of joy.

  2. She is absolutely adorable. I already follow her on instragram and love all the pictures that keep coming in. So reminds me of when my furbabies were this little. Dogs are certainly a joy to have. Always a best friend right by your side.

  3. She has such a cute face. She looks gentle yet playful. Great that she chose you. I think it’s great to have cats and dogs, to have them get along with each other.

  4. Omg, she’s such a little sweetheart! Congratulations on your new furchild! 😍 I would never have guessed there’s beagle in her, she looks like a purebred cavalier with that fluffy fur. It’s sweet that you named her after your grandma too.

    I picked up my new puppy this week, and so far she definitely likes to chase the cat… But she’s only a baby so I’m sure we can teach her some manners with time. πŸ˜›

  5. She’s so pretty! She has a regal look to her.

    Me and my sister both got our dogs from breeders. Mine took good care of her dogs. She had loads of chihuahua’s. One thing I remember going there were faces in the windows and a couple of em trying to make a break for it when we went in (me and my mom caught em). XD

    Sadly my sister’s breeder was not as good, but her dog is well cared for now!

  6. I’m literally sure I have never seen a puppy this cute before. Aahhhh <3

    Cavalier King Charles is my favourite breed of dog, I used to have one.

    The cats will quickly adapt, especially as she is a young puppy and won't be too in their face.

  7. Alice is so adorable! Love how her colors radiate and I’m happy that you put in a lot of research, especially with sourcing a breeder who was ethical. Hope you’ll have lots of adventures and good memories with her!

  8. Oh my gosh, she is so adorable.

    It’s crazy that they required you to have a dog to adopt a dog. It’s kind of like credit here in the United States. You have to have good credit for anyone to give you credit, but you need someone to give you credit before you can get good credit.

    Is this your first dog? How many pets do you have?

  9. Ahh! Alice is sooo adorable! That’s so cute that she came up to you and played with you when you went to visit the breeder. It sounds like you two were meant for each other πŸ™‚ I hope your cats eventually become good friends with her!

  10. Oh my gosh she’s SO CUTE! I’m so glad to hear your cats are adapting well. My cats took about 3 days and a week respectively to get used to my dog when I got her, but they’re super used to dogs because I used to foster dogs through a shelter. Keep us updated on the adventures of Alice!

  11. SHE’S SO CUTE. Oh my goodness. How are you getting anything done at your house with that cutie?! While I do believe in adopting, I’m so glad you did your research and chose an ethical breeder! If you go that route, that’s so important. She’s so perfect and I think all animals find us for a reason! Can’t wait to see some more pics!

    Susie |

  12. Well… Alice just melted my heart. She’s absolutely devine, glad she’s found such a beautiful home!

    I’m having the same dilemma. I’m so in love with husky’s, and I really would like to adopt one but I also really want to get a puppy that I can kind of raise how I want it to be raised. I dearly want to adopt an abandoned dog and give it a loving forever home, but I’m so worried that it might go wrong and that it may have behavioural problems, health issues etc. that I don’t have the time to dedicate to. I would if I could, but it just seems unlikely at the moment!! Glad to hear you’ve had such a positive experience with a breeder.

  13. OH MY GOD SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Ahhhhhhh!! And I love it that she “chose” you like Harry Potter’s wand… (hah I went there :P). I can’t wait to see how she grows up!!! She looks so soft and sweet… JEALOUSY ALL THE WAY FROM HERE KASSY!!!!

  14. OH MY!!!! ALICE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DOGGIE! <3 She looks so sweet and innocent! Oh my gosh, I could go on and on!

    I think it's really cute that she "chose" you. I think it's an important part of getting a pet, you have to make sure that you jive well and that you get along with each other from the very start. I hope you and Alice form a lasting friendship and I hope you get to have lots of great memories together! πŸ™‚

  15. She is so beautiful ☺️ I’m glad you were able to become the new owner of just the dog you were looking for. I love that she chose you and that you had a connection! I know I wouldn’t be able to leave a place if such a wonderful creature felt a connection to me. ❀️ Hey, at least you will be able to adopt another dog you like in the future since you will be the owner of Alice!

  16. Eeeek, Alice is adorable and so so so beautiful T_T

    Thank you for sharing her photos! I’ve been seeing some people making Instagram accounts for their pets recently. Is it a thing that people do now? KEEP DOING IT. LEMME FOLLOW ALL YOUR ANIMALS!!

  17. She’s so cute <3 and I think you're chosen name for her fits her perfect. I have so many pictures from when we brought Tyr home that my favorite thing is to go back and look at them to find how amazing it is to see how big he's grown. I may never have kids, but I like to think that's how it feels to have a kid. lol

  18. She is gorgeous! I’m very happy you found one another <3

    You know, I really dislike Chihuahua's. I have nothing about the breed itself that I like, honestly. Before now, I hadn't had any good experiences with them, and just honestly they were one of my most hated dog breeds. I KNEW what I wanted when I was ready for another pupper after Lennon(Blue Picardy Spaniel) passed away 2 years ago. I wanted a Yorkie. However, after searching the adoption events, pound, and facebook for a few months I happened upon Chorkie(Chihuahua X Yorkie) puppies, and the mom was super cute and looked VERY little chihuahua.

    My husband wasn't impressed with the $150USD 3lb rat that was placed in his lap when I went to look at them. I took her home after falling in love with her little nose.(yes, nose) This dog looked all chihuahua except her nose and colouring. Still does. Duchess has been the pride and joy, and admittedly sometimes headache, of my life for the last 3 months, and I wouldn't trade her for all the Yorkie's in the world.

    P.S. Husband still hates her. She hates husband. They pretend the other doesn't exist even if they're sharing the sofa or bed. xD

  19. She is beautiful. Those big eyes and that nose and everything about her is gorgeous. I’m so stalking her Insta because I need more pictures. I’m such a sucker for a puppy

  20. Congrats on the new pup! She’s gorgeous! ♥

    I love the instances of pet adoption, when there is that ominous spark between the adopter and adoptee—I had that with Todd! <3

  21. Woaaahhh! Hello there pretty pup Alice! She’s so lovely! <3
    I had a dog named Ava too before. She's a belgian malinois but we have to give her up because she's too big for our house πŸ™ but she's in a much better place now πŸ™‚ Right now I only have 1 persian cat and 1 pomerianian πŸ˜€ They do not really get along but they're not fighting. My cat wants his own business and my pom respect that but sometimes a little annoyance can do which is funny XD HAHAHAHA!

  22. Wow what a beautiful dog! She is so pretty. I love spaniels! My first dog that I remember having was a cocker spaniel I named Muffy when I was 5. My parents bought her for me because I was pestering them for puppy and so they decided they wanted a small dog. Alice Ava Grace is a beautiful name and really suits her perfectly! Congrats on your new puppy!

  23. OH MY GOD SO CUTE! I’m a huge cavalier fan and my husband really wants a beagle. This could be our dream breed πŸ™‚

    Congratulations and I’m following you on instagram! πŸ™‚

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