A Tale Of Two Brothers

16 years

A few days ago I was sent a book titled A Tale Of Two Brothers, Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence by Jacqueline Murray. It is said to be the channelled voices of Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence and whether you believe this is possible or not I was left feeling, after reading the Michael side of this book, more open and willing to see things in a broader range. I didn’t agree with him on everything, but for much of what he meant I got it. I am not going to go into the details of what was given in the book but Michael talks mainly of people being more open spiritually and trying to heal themselves while on Earth, so our slide over to the other dimension is a smoother one. He also talks about his life on earth and various events that happened in his life but his main focus is definitely trying to enlighten and encourage people to focus on a spiritual and divine side of themselves that connects to the ultimate source or what some may identify with as God. It does also give some insight into what he sees in the other world and I found this very fascinating.

I found this book very hard to put down and you can’t help but be caught up in his enlightening words. Even if you are not a believer the lyrics and poems are also crafted beautifully and spaced out throughout the book at ending chapters and at times really felt powerful.

I always keep an open mind and I think in this case you must. I am a great fan of Michael Hutchence I love his music and admire the artist that he was and is, but I did not allow myself to be overly drowned in the book because when you do have a great love and admiration for something it can be easy to swept in a sea of lies. But having said that, I found this book to be a real blessing and I feel like a final chapter has been closed in some way. That I have been able to know he is alright, is in a better place and has healed himself.

How do I feel after reading the book? I know I am definitely more awake mentally and I feel moved by reading it. But I have this strange feeling that something is or was missing. Maybe it’s simply for the fact that I have yet to read the section about Jim and he also has words of a heavenly nature. I guess you also tangled in a slippery web. You really want to believe what you are reading, but you can’t truly know for sure and can only follow your intuition and make up your own mind. I am very glad I have taken to read the book.

The only disturbing thing I found was at the end. Jim was quite graphic in his descriptions of what happens by 2012, while Michael seen things slightly differently. I do not want to shock or alarm people so I will not mention them and rather leave it up to the individual to seek them should they desire.

There was also something I found quite amusing. He mentions Nicolas Flamel in the book then goes on to clarify that he doesn’t mean the Harry Potter character. I did laugh because I had thought of him when I heard the name. 😛

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