A Star Has Fallen.

16 years

The loss of a young star is always so very saddening. Not only for all the dreams and aspirations they had yet to live but the family and loved ones they leave behind. I am still so shocked and upset by the sudden death of actor Heath Ledger, I sit here now still shaking my head and wondering how and why.

I have noticed that a great deal of people who feel the loss relate it to someone else. For me it was Michael Hutchence another friend Jeff Buckley and numerous posts and news reports about River Phoenix, Brandon Lee and even Marilyn Monroe. They all cast a shadow across this world, leaving it to early but will always be immortalised, displaying their talents in a time capsule of creativity and beauty. But you can’t help but wonder and have a miss guided hope that they are not gone, they are going to be with us again, acting or singing or transforming the world. But they won’t be able to. Only the legacy and memories they have left behind can ever be restored.

Heath was not my favourite actor in the whole world, but I did have respect for his work and am proud to support any Australian talent making it big in the world. It just upsets me so very much because I didn’t see it coming, like so many others. I can not begin to imagine how I would feel if it was my favourite actor: Gary, Ryan or Zach. But for some people Heath was their Gary and for his family their everything. I can only hope the moments they shared in life were the happiest they could ever dream for and that they always shared a special bond.

Heath will be forever missed.

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  1. I think it’s really awesome that you have a recognition for talented people and appreciate art and creativity. You said yourslef that he wasn’t even your favourite actor, but his death still does leave an emotional impact. I don’t know all that much about Heath Ledger, but I agree that his work does deserve respect. I will hope along with you, that even after his passing, his works can still influence change to the world, and that the legacy he left behind can inspire others.

  2. “I can not begin to imagine how I would feel if it was my favourite actor.”

    I was just thinking the same a few days ago. The world is so fragile that even the ones who are innocent can be taken away from us 🙁

    Rest in Peace, Heath.

  3. I only know Heath from his roles in Brokeback Mountain and in Batman : The Dark Night. From those films, which I’ve never watched, I know him as a talented actor.
    I read the news when I just came back from school. His death was so sudden I can’t believe he died.
    May he rest in peace.

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