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19 years

πŸ™‚ heya I added tutorials you can find them Here. I added some basic ones because I don’t really have time to add more advanced ones like Grey Matter ect ect But I can help people who need it πŸ˜‰ I wanted to add some so I may be able to help people who need it, but I know I will get more advanced.

oooh I am doing my IT computer course now!! I am really happy it’s over two years and when I have finished that I will be able to then move onto the web design course I want :blush: but I also have to do work placement, I’m a REAL home body so it could be interesting.

ummm Oh yes I need everyone to put their thinking caps on, I am trying to think of what I could use magick-me.org for? I have been thinking about a portfoilio, Gallery, or something I have no idea. It’s so hard to think of what I can use it for, and this coming from someone who wants more domains :P. Anyway I want it to be something that is special and important, yet giving something back to other people. I just don’t know any ideas are really appreciated. 😎

I have been going back to Gaia again if anyone else uses it or wants to join you know you love winter ice πŸ˜›

Something really weird happend today well two things, one I had a dream my nanna died it was so horrible! So I woke up and rang her up straight away to make sure she was ok! I didn’t want to say that I dreamt she died so I said she fell over. Then I was on my computer searching in getty images for the images that matched the word ‘life’ when my uncles name poped up on the screen with images by. It was so weird because it was first and last name!! But the even stranger thing as at that moment he was riding around the paddock on his motorbike :confused: it scared me.

Ok I better go and continue working on my joy-luck.org layout *hugs*

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  1. Yea, i did a corse in web design, it’s really interesting, but yea.. I went over a lot of stuff i alredy knew.. but oh well, that’s life.

  2. Ohh, that’s weird…

    Anyways, no ideas here for M-M.org…hmm, a photo blog does sound nice.

    Ohh, a web-design course, I can’t wait till I can take one! it sounds like a bunch of fun!

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