In 2014 I created a blog post (and page) where I aimed to complete 30 things before turning 30. My objective was to perform many tasks I had wanted to do but lacked time or motivation. While I was not able to finish all items before turning 30, I am proud of those I was able to achieve. This is my 30 before 30 review.

I successfully completed 13 out of 30 items on the list. It may seem like a small number, but I am delighted with my achievement.

30 Before 30 Review

1. Solid mental health plan
Status: 💎 Complete
This was really important to me. To be able to address many of my problems and devise ways to avoid triggers. It also gave me guidance on what to do if I felt I wasn’t coping. I am so glad I completed this.

2. Plan a future
Status: 💎 Complete
When I created my list I was dealing with a lot of things. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of direction or know where I wanted to go. Being able to complete this item and understand that I have potential to have a future was a big deal.

3. Work or study
Status: 💎 Complete
Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that I was not studying already. I have really fallen into a great cycle with study and I am learning so much about design. I am also proud of the fact I have been working hard and have a 4.0 GPA.

4. Save $100 each month
Status: 💩 Fail
Hahaha. Nope. I seriously need to do it.

5. Write/Illustrate a children’s book
Status: 💎 Complete
Of all the items on my list, this would have to be the one I am delighted about the most. I had always wanted to write and illustrate a book but never did it. Since 2014 I have created two books with the plan to create a new one each year.

6. Pink Hair
Status: 💎 Complete
Pink hair, don’t care.

7. Write lost letters
Status: ☁️ Partly
A lost letter is a letter written to someone who has died. So you are able to share your thoughts and feelings with them. This was a really hard one to do. While I did write one letter, it was a very emotional process. Hopefully, I can write more in the future.

8. See Nicole & Claire
Status: 💩 Fail
Kind of bummed that I didn’t get to see Nicole or Claire again in the time I had written the list. Need to make it happen!

9. Own under 10 personal domains
Status: 💩 Fail
Hahaha. Was this ever going to happen? Really?

10. Be food conscious
Status: ☁️ Partly
My intention when I first created the item on the list was to try and adhere to a pescetarian menu. I wasn’t able to get there, but I did make a lot of changes to the food I consumed. I looked particularly at sugar and tried to greatly limit the amount of processed sugar I was eating.

11. 10 photo shoots
Status: :poo: Fail
Kind of annoyed that I did not complete this. There were many ways I could have approached it. Now that I have a new macro lens, I will have to make it happen!

12. Create writing every month
Status: 💩 Fail
Most of my recent creative work has been very visual. I love writing, but I also feel very daunted by it. I really want to try and do this more. Even if no one ever sees what I create.

13. Appreciation List
Status: 💎 Complete
My appreciation list was a compilation of all the things I am thankful for. It was really rewarding to create this and examine the things in my life that are positive.

14. Travel Overseas
Status: 💩 Fail
I had really hoped that I would be able to travel overseas before turning 30. Not completing it has kind of made me more determined to do it now.

15. Travel to Tasmania
Status: 💩 Fail
Like my plans for travelling overseas, I hoped that I would make it here as well. Better get my bags packed and get moving!  ;P

16. Create 10 traditional artworks
Status: 💩 Fail
I started off with making a few traditional artworks but fell out of sync. I want to make sure that I continually practice and try to improve on this amazing artform.

17. Learn current web standards
Status: ☁️ Partly
I learned many new things when I created my blog layout (no longer in use) but didn’t spend the time to gain knowledge in a lot of areas. There seem to be so many new things I am no longer in the loop about.

18. Make my own blog layout
Status: 💎 Complete
While the layout may not be in use now, I am glad I did take the time to create my own. It had been a long time since I had coded a WordPress theme and it felt create to see my own work again. However, I am so picky and decided on something new.

19. Stop smoking
Status: 💩 Fail
This is probably the one item I am most disappointed that I was not able to complete. With the crazy health risks, skyrocketing costs it should be a logical decision to quit. 😔

20. Volunteer
Status: 💩 Fail
There are a large number of causes that I care about and I would love to be able to help in some way. I am quite an introverted person and ideally, I would love to be able to design something that could be used to promote or raise funds.

21. Thirty-day creative challenge
Status: 💎 Complete
The challenge was all about creating something creative every day for a month. Sometimes it was a little difficult to try and make something each day, but it was worth it.

22. Create stationery set
Status: 💎 Complete
I created a stationery set of my own cloud design which included; notepad, cards, notebook, pen and stickers. I had wanted to create a set for a long time. Hopefully, I can make some more soon!

23. Stop drinking soda/pop
Status: 💎 Complete
This was so much easier than I thought it would be. Once I felt how much cleaner (and less bloated) my body was, it was awesome. It’s been over a year and still soda free.

24. Fix blog categories
Status: 💎 Complete
This was probably the easiest item on the list. Although it did take me probably a full day. It was more of a cheat item. Haha oops.

25. Keep a daily journal/diary
Status: ☁️ Partly
I use the app Day One to record many of my thoughts. While I don’t keep it updated every day, it’s a great way to record my thoughts.

26. Read 20 books each year
Status: ☁️ Partly
I was able to read 20 books every year, with the exception of last year. Soooo close.

27. Healthy Weight
Status: ☁️ Partly
Once I looked at my diet and removed much of the sugar that I was consuming I was able to loose a lot of weight. I also began to do (mostly) daily exercises. I still have some way to go.

28. Blog Matter
Status: 💩 Fail
My dream of running a comment exchange site is probably in retirement. I really like the idea of it, but it’s hard to create the site without having a script that would make it work.

29. Drive more
Status: 💎 Complete
Getting my own car really inspired me to drive a lot more. I am still a nervous driver. I just have to keep at it, and hopefully get to my provisional licence (P) soon.

30. Accept 30 is not the end of the world
Status: 💎 Complete
100000% 😆

Now that the 30 before 30 is over will I be doing another similar challenge? I am not sure at the moment. A 40 before 40 sounds like it’s too far off in the distance…

💬 Questions

  1. Do you like to set goals or challenges?
  2. Do you plan to complete anything before your next birthday?
  3. What did you do in the last year you’re proud of?