5 years

Twenty Nineteen was a complicated year. The dark shadows of a friends sickness and their passing in November was extremely painful. I had many moments where I quietly hibernated, reflected across my absence on social media.

While I tried to come to terms with the sickness and loss of a friend, I continued to study, completing Professional Writing and Digital Photography. These classes were incredibly helpful in improving my communication and photography skills. I had to take leave for the final session of 2019 because I needed time to heal. I found it considerably hard to concentrate and focus, and I knew it would have a substantial impact on my absorption of the subject.

I had to care for my mum while she recovered after an operation. It was hard to see her so ill. We were incredibly lucky that things were not much worse, and I am so grateful for that. 

As hard as 2019 was for much of it, it wasn’t a complete mess. I had great people by my side and continued to work on my businesses and creative projects. 

I am hopeful that the beginning of a new decade will bring many positives. You can’t forget the things that have happened, but you can use them to make you stronger. 

👑 2019 Highlights

✨ 2020 Goals

  • 👩🏻Don’t be afraid of who I am, connect with others and share positive or personal stories
  • 🎓Learn as much as I can from the subjects I study at Uni
  • 📷Express my creativity through digital art and photography
  • 🎨Create many designs and resources for my Creative Market store
  • 📗Make progress or complete my third children’s book

I hope everyone has a beautiful 2020! 

I would love to know how your 2019 was, let me know in the comments below 💖.   

5 Responses

  1. I’m glad you recognised the need to take a step back from what you were doing to look after yourself.

    You’ve grown tremendously as a designer of the the years I’ve been following you! I got a feeling that in 2020 you’re going to be even more noticed. 🙂

  2. Loss is difficult, and it’s nice to have creative hobbies to help us cope. Only time can heal, but you’ll have your memories. I wish you a wonderful new year, and I can’t wait to see the work you do! 😀

  3. I am hopeful that the beginning of a new decade will bring many positives. You can’t forget the things that have happened, but you can use them to make you stronger.

    I love that. I hope you don’t mind, but I wrote that down in my quotes file. It kinda just speaks to me.

    It does sound like 2019 was rough. It was pretty rough for me too. I am again sorry for the loss of your friend and having to see your mom ill. Both are horrible. *hugs*

    I hope 2020 is a better year for us all!

  4. 2019 was a blur for me. Not the best or worst I’ve had. I think the second half of 2019 was a lot better, but I’m having trouble remembering the first half of the year. I’m thinking it’s a sign.
    Some of my highlights were going on vacation for my Birthday in May to a theme park with my best friend, away to the beach in August, then meeting my current partner in September for the first time.

  5. 2019 sure was a roller coaster of a year. Dealing with a broken ankle, my grandparents slowly getting worse as they get much older, and my sweet doggo being killed, it was definitely not an easy year. Seems yours was pretty hectic as well. It is hard to lose someone and to deal with bad health with others. I take it your mother is doing better now, though? I’m glad you had good people by your side through all of it. ♥

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