12 hours!!

19 years

Now because I am mentally unstable I thought I needed to post now and then after my birthday. Why? I don’t really know. I could have major changes take place that I will never know about unless I do this right now. Right now I am thinking…no I’m not going that far I will just act like myself *boogies away to spice girls* no that is not me *djasdhkajshdaksdhkjadhkas DOMDOMODMDOMDOMDOMDOMDOMDM* yaaah that is me :blush:

Things I am happy about today;
Presents :D:D:D:D:D:
Txt Messages
Cute Actors
Maybe even hot actors
Fanlistings πŸ˜›
American Idol I am in lust with constaintene omg I can’t spell. But That dude is cute and kewl and I want to be his grupie..whoa that sounded so wrong but right…. :confused:

ok I think I should probably go and sit around pretending I AM doing things πŸ˜› *hugs*

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  1. Hey it’s almost your bday, hehe less than 2 hours yay :(:: :(:: :(:: i hope your bday is a nice one, and then even better on Sat. Hope you get all the goodies you want hon. :heart:

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