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18 years

Thank you very much for all the comments, I am glad to hear that many people liked my dedication, but especially that one person did. 😉

This will only be a rather short update, as we (Mum and I) are going to visit a friend that came over from USA soon. I will return comments later. 🙂

I am getting another poem published. It’s the same competition all the others have been in, and I am still waiting to hear back about my story, that won’t be untill 1st November. Writing is a great thing in life, I enjoy it alot. 🙂

I have been working hard, and have just about finished my computer course at school. I was starting to think I may not finish it, but all is good. 😀

Take care everyone!

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  1. can I read your poem.. I’m really interested in it. You see, I used to love writing too. When I was still a lil girl.. Time changes and my passion for writing suddenly disappeared. I got bored with it and blogging took over it. ^_^

  2. Aw, you have a friend coming from the USA? That is such a long way, they must be really close to you! I hope you have a good time visiting 🙂

    Writing is a wonderful thing and I enjoy, too. I would love to be an author someday! heh 🙂 Anyway, good luck with the competition! You should post the poem so we can all read it. I’m sure you’re a very talented writer!

    Thanks for leaving the comment at my site, even though you were sent by Despair.nu, it helped a lot in my problem 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s a really long ways to travel! O_O Good luck with school and I’m glad that things are going so well for you ^____^ & THIS POEM OF YOURS. I am interested in reading it sometime! ;D

  4. Hello my darling! That is wonderful to hear that another of your poems is getting published. You are a talented little bee aren’t you? You think I could have a look at it please? I’d really like to see it because I love your writing :D. Good luck for your story! I hope that will be published also.
    And by the way YESH new CD means new tours WOOOHAHAHAH 😀 :D:D Please come to Manchester, Green Day PLEASE. 😉 Kya tell them they have to come see me :(.
    Love yoool tons and tons.

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