16 years

I have been thinking about this date since last year when it was 07.07.07 and wondered what it would be like. Not because the Olympics games are starting, but primarily for the fact that these numbers don’t accure like this just everday. It may mean nothing at all, or perhaps it does have a deeper value that we are yet to understand.

I had to care for my grandmother today as the respite care was unable to arrive. We had quite a nice day, just watching TV and looking out the window and talking of moments passed. I practiced some more art in my book and we passed over ideas for stories. She was feeling quite sleepy and seems a little unwell, but will be going to the doctor on Monday, so we shall see how it goes, hopefully well. 🙂

I also ask, if you do not have anything nice to say in a comment please do not waste both of our time by saying words that have no good purpose.

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  1. I hope your grandmother feels better! I think that’s just sweet of you to take care of her 🙂 I always loved spending time with my grandmother.

  2. I’m so late with everything and I can’t believe I’m only commenting here now after so long. I’m really in love with your new layout and I want to spork myself for only saying that now. LOL

    Anyway, I always find it amusing with the same date thing. Next year, it would be 9/9/09.

    I do hope your grandmother feel much better soon, my dear! *hugs*

    Also, don’t mind the rude comments. I do agree they’re just wasting their time. I just don’t get why people would like to waste their time nitpicking on people instead of doing something more worthwhile. Seriously. You have a right to post whatever you want in this blog because it’s yours. They can’t just dictate what you’d want to put in here. That’s why it’s called a personal blog, you know. UGH. I’m just going to stop it here because just talking about this makes me really annoyed and I don’t think I can help myself if I continue.

    *huggles* *sends you my love*

  3. Haha, 6/6/6 had even MORE of a hype! Man, that was kind of fun, in a way. The Devil’s Number. I am horrible, but still. The one date that does freak me out is 12/12/2012. Have you heard of the Mayan calendar and all the lore surrounding the end of the calender? I love reading about that (and the Mayans. I guess I love freaking myself out. XD

    And I’m glad you had fun with your g-mom! 🙂 I hope to see that art book of yours soon, if you would like to share.

    As for “Bob”. Fucking idiot. Seriously.

  4. You are so right, nothing beats that feeling! I’ve certainly missed it (been away from the website scene for a few years).

    It does sound like you had a good day with your grandmother; I miss those days. I hope she is well!

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