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Gah, I only realised a few days ago that problems with the server were stopping messages being sent. So if anyone did send in any applications for Word Press themes or paid design in the last month or so I haven’t received them. I apologise about this, I wasn’t ignoring anyone, I just never got them. *sigh* You can go here to send in a new form if you like.

Inspired Story Telling.
Now for something a little different. I had this idea while I was on the toilet the other day. Haha, that paints a lovely image doesn’t it? But that isn’t the something different, the idea was I thought I would post an image and people could write a short story, an idea of what they believe is happening, a plot outline for a story or whatever does so inspire them. It’s meant for fun, but if you are not up to the creative challenge that is fine.

I think the idea of creating something from an image is quite fascinating and for me is highly affective. I love having input from another source because I feel like I can draw this inspiration and force from somewhere and the ideas just flow in. Having said that, watch as I most likely go for the fail.

Here is the image and I will post my story/idea or whatever I come up with a little later today or some time soon! Good luck to everyone that has a go. Even a paragraph would be fine. 🙂