Hello Shopping Cart!

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I have been spending again. You would think after putting 2000+ away I would be ready to slow down? I will have to eventually when my account hits the dirty 0.00 mark. In my defence I did purchase Mothers day gifts for my Mum and Nanna. Neither reads this so I am fine to keep a record of it here. 😉

For Mum;
1. Book: The Interior Design Course.
2. Picture Frame: Demdaco Most Sincerely Love Frame.
3. Teddy Bear: Me to You bear “Best Mum”.

For Nanna;
1. Cup: Demdaco Most Sincerely With Love Mug.
2. Teddy Bear: Slipper Pal bunny rabbit.

It may not seem like much but I spent in excess of six hours searching around on the internet for items I thought would be perfect and these worked out very well. Dad also wants to get her something else. I have suggested either an iPod or a new DVD player/recorder.

I have also been looking at items for myself (suprissssee) and it’s been toy stores I have been hitting up. A year or so ago I spotted these cute/adorable/omgwin Yummy Donut keychains on Amazon and I had ideas of getting them again, but they disappeared. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was browsing on Fred Flare (I love that store, I wish they shipped world wide *grrr*) and spotted them again! So began a crazy journey of searching the internet. I discovered the creator behind these Yummy creations is a gal by the name of Heidi Kenney who runs My Paper Crane, who teamed up with the glorious shop Kid Robot. Now, not only did I discover the Yummy Donuts but I was introduced to the new range, the Yummy Breakfast series! I got very excited and went to purchase some, but ridiculously my order was $15 and postage $69 .. WTF. So to fix that problem I then had to go searching the internet to find shops that sold them, or at best specific ones because Kid Robot has them in Blind Boxes. I found Yummy Donuts on Ebay from Plastic Matador they are opened and you can pick what you like. Now I needed to find somewhere that had the Yummy Breakfast series. I found a store called Fugitive Toys that does, and they are opened and you can choose. The one I really want is the Pink Cupcake. The problem, there is one left its in my shopping cart and it says the line is discontinued, but the postage is $27. If I brought a few other items it would defiantly be worth it, but my funds are sinking like a leaky boat. Cactus Pups are quite adorable as are the Little Uglys. ;D These designer toys are so awesome.

I don’t know if it helped for the fact I watched Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. That movie was delicious and I thank Krissy for recommending it to me. *wubble*

I have found a great number of wonderful toy stores and some I haven’t even looked at properly yet. I may make another post later with them. So I can keep a record for myself and anyone else who might enjoy them. Nothing wrong with keeping the childish side to yourself alive and well. <3