Believe in your own worth

19 years

Right now I can see some people are depressed and worrying over things and I want to say to everyone we all stress and have the complications of life but they are what make us who we are. Out ability to deal and overcome certain events builds us stronger. It makes friendships as we get closer to other people and sometimes it drifts them apart. But you should never think that you have to end your own life. Because there is always someone who loves and cares about you. Don’t ever think you have nothing to give the world because everyone does! We all have our own talents, our own peice of ourself that does craft the world! You can achieve your logical goals if you put your mind to it and work your butt off and your worth to live the way you want and choose to. I love my friends because they are my support and I am hoping I can be that for people as well.

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  1. Hey. Yeah, everyone has issues in their lives, depression and stress to deal with. Some have different ways of dealing though, such as the usage of alcohol and getting high as well, which doesn’t really make you stronger. Heh..

  2. I’ve learned you have to depend on yourself and not be dependent on others or other things. I’m very thankful for my dad though, I love him very much. I love my sister too, as well as all of my animals of course. But yeah, I?ve had to deal with most of that stuff myself and I guess it had kind of hardened me when I know the person I?m supposed to be able to trust and rely won?t ever be either of those things to me. It does make you stronger and certain events have made me learn a lot, and grow. Unfortunately some of the things that have happened shouldn?t. Life seems to be pretty bad sometimes, but you just have to live your life. I don?t like suicide. I really can?t feel pity on people who causes their own problems, probably because of all the crap I?ve seen. People should learn from their mistakes, but a lot never do. If it was ?caused? by the actions of someone else, I think that?s messed up too. A girl I knew did it ?because of a boyfriend?. I cried at first but then became really mad. I don?t know what made me snap, maybe because it hit close to home. Yeah, anyway I think letting someone/something influence your life so much is pretty unhealthy, which I guess is why I feel you have to live for yourself. I think it?s really the little things. Like interests and stuff, at least for me it is. I guess there has to be a reason we?re all here even if it is for a short period of time. Maybe it?s a bigger reason and not just each individual life. I don?t know. Anyway that was nice of you to post, you sound very caring. πŸ™‚ It?s nice to have someone to talk to, I guess we all need a little support every so often as long as it?s not a ?I need you to live sort of thing?. I think you just got my mind thinking now. Oh and I just got your other comment. Don?t worry about the cob, hah hah corn cob was it? πŸ˜› Thanks a lot for that compliment too. It was really sweet of you! πŸ˜€ Well, I?m off to be, man it?s 12:13 am here what time is it where you?re at?

  3. Aww. I like this blog. Very uplifting. You’re right, there’s never anything worth your life and existence, even though things may seem big in the moment. After time problems start to seem more and more trivial. Like you said, everyone has something to contribute to the world. You just have to find it. Take care <3

  4. :heart: aww testophobia!

    I think I passed that test. thanks for the encouragement.

    Your entry really opened up my eyes. Thank you! :left:

  5. Hey Kya dear πŸ™‚ *cuddles* you’re so darling to have posted something like that ^^ you’re so very caring and supportive of everyoe around you and *mwah* you deserve all the best out of life because of it! πŸ™‚ I miss talking to your crazy ass girl πŸ˜€ but I’m limiting my online time these days so that’s why I don’t get to talk to you as much πŸ˜› *smoochers* Take care my darling and stay safe! And don’t forget, it’s nice to take care of everyone else, but don’t neglect to take care of yoursself too πŸ™‚ xoxoxoxo

  6. Aww! Kya! wot a lovely post *hugs* :blush: I felt like that, all *stressed* I thought no one needed me :bored: *sniffs* I dunno what to say..

    Its so nice to think of friends but some friends upset me sometimes:left: but not always
    you take care <33 and keep posting lovely entries unlike mine! :heart:

  7. Kya you are a great friend. I know that suicide isn’t an answer to things and I also know that it just seems like it is when you are having the hardest time of your life. Life is hard. I know that for sure…Especially when I have a mother like mine. >.> But yah the things we deal with do make us stronger and make us who we are. I guess in most cases that is a good outcome.

  8. Vry well said Kya πŸ™‚ I agree with you, everyone goes through stuff and we all have to deal with it. people can’t think that they’re the only person who goes through it, they can always get through it, they just have to believe in themselves

  9. it’ll be so weird if no one have issues, I mean NO ONE. But then again, this world is so weird, dealing with it is hard, especially depression. Don’t get me wrong, depression is something really bad, especially death x]

  10. KUDOS, Kya! You put that very eloquently. Suicide, in my opinion, is NOT an answer to anything. When I was in high school, I suffered from depression and was very suicidal. I even attempted it once or twice. I learned later that suicide doesn’t solve a problem, it CREATES one. One has to learn to be strong and face the horrible icky things in life. In life, there will ALWAYS be horrible and icky things.

    Does this make ANY sense? πŸ˜›

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