Pixelly Font

Pixelly Font

4 years

Step back in time and enjoy the pixellated vibes with Pixelly a simple pixel font in regular and extras. Pixelly includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, accented characters and decorative elements. Pixelly is free for personal use and available for purchase for commercial projects.

✨ Usage

Pixelly Regular: Free For Personal Use

Download Pixelly free for personal use on Dribbble

Pixelly: Commercial Use

Purchase Pixelly from Creative Market

✏️ Pixelly Creation

Pixelly is the third font I have created, and it was inspired by the simplistic and creative artform, pixel art. I have been creating pixel art for many years, and it’s a lot of fun to use simple squares to make fun designs. I drew inspiration from the Cross Stitched font I created and from exploring options in crafting letterforms. 

What does the name mean? The name comes from pixel and adding a ly. I thought it transformed it into the cute, simple kind of form it is. 

Pixelly was developed in June/July 2020 with Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 and the awesome extension Fontself*.

πŸ’– Acknowledgements

I want to thank Claire for her feedback and advice in making adjustments and refinements. Β 

* If you want to join the fun of typography creation, if you click on the Fontself referral link you will receive a 10% discount, yay!

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  1. So lovely! I used pixel fonts a lot for online trading card games (oTCGs). They were the only types of fonts that scaled well as per the typical standards/demands of oTCG trading cards.

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