A Little Freehand Font

A Little Freehand Font

A Little Freehand is a hand-drawn youthful little font that includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, accented characters and decorative extras. A Little Freehand is free for personal use and available for purchase for commercial projects.

✨ Usage

A Little Freehand Regular: Free For Personal Use

Download A Little Freehand free for personal use on Dribbble

A Little Freehand: Commercial Use

Purchase A Little Freehand from Creative Market

✏️ A Little Freehand Creation

A Little Freehand is my fourth font and is loosely based on my handwriting. I wanted to create something that was innocently sweet in a whimsical childlike way. I had initially planned for this to be my first font, and finnnnnnnally 😂, after almost five years, I have found the time to polish and share it! 

A Little Freehand began development in April 2017, was refined in June 2020 and released in February 2022. It was created in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, and the awesome extension Fontself*

* If you want to join the fun of typography creation, if you click on the Fontself referral link you will receive a 10% discount, yay!

9 Responses

  1. Such a cute little font! I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of work that you put into this, and I thank you for giving me another font to use when attempting to work on the drafts of my numerous writing projects.

  2. This font is so cute! I’ve tried making my own fonts, but free programs and a bad laptop are not font making-friendly, so it’s something I’ll pick back up later.

  3. This font is absolutely adorable! I’m always drawn towards the more, well, drawn fonts that look like cute natural handwriting. The extras are a really nice touch 😍!

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