80 Free Patterns

80 Free Patterns

7 years

I have created a selection of 80 Free Patterns that you can download for personal use. This is my first time sharing patterns, and I tried to create a vast range. All are based on simple shapes and vary in detail and effect. It did take me some time to work out how to make all of them seamless, but I did get there. ( 💎 Hint: when you have patterns that vary in dimensions, trying to make them seamless at the same height and width might not work. For me, I saved them at what was appropriate for each one.)

Download patterns on DeviantArt

Maybe you want a new pattern on your blog, social media or to use with a creative project. Hopefully, these patterns will be handy for you.  :blush:

80 Free Patterns Preview

This is a preview of some of my favourites (note: does not include seamless versions, only preview sizes).

80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns 80 Free Patterns

💬 Questions

  1. When did you last use patterns for a project?
  2. Do you have a favourite from this set?
  3. Have a suggestion for types of patterns to include in the next set?

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the patterns, they’re really nice! I’ll be downloading them when I get home. I really like the red/blue/black/white hexagonal patterns, they’re my favourite from the set.

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  3. These are nice! It’s sweet of you for making and sharing these 🙂 I don’t use them, but I know there are designers who will appreciate and use them. I really like the hexagon one. That’s not a shape I like, but you did a nice job on that one!

  4. I love these patterns that you made! The colors look great and I am adoring the shapes you’ve used in the pattern! I always use patterns for my blog post headers. It looks cleaner than using a picture I took. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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