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I recently brought a ScanNCut cutting machine, which allows you to scan and cut shapes and patterns with great precision and awesomeness.

I have always fancied the idea of being able to cut out my own designs, to create stationery and stickers. I could do this by hand, but I have found my ability to be precise and consistent is not so good 😐 .  I had seen various machines that could cut paper and do really cool things, but never actually decided to invest in one. That changed last week. I am currently studying a typography class and a lot of work I am doing for a project requires working with paper and cutting letters.

After taking a trip to a craft store to look for various supplies, I discovered the ScanNCut machine and thought it would be perfect!  😘


I decided to make my first project, a very simple card. I used an illustration I had made before and modified it, so that it was just some basic shapes.



I scanned the image into the machine and made sure that the shapes looked as clear as possible. What I did not realise at the time, was that it did have some problem with the spaces in the A and R. I set everything up and began the cutting. It’s quite fun to watch the blade move around and cut the different parts.


Once it had cut the shapes, I peeled them from the cutting mat. Above you can see the shapes that were cut and the outline as well. You could use either for a project, which is also fun.



I managed to get it a little dirty when gluing the letters in place, oops.


Here are some others that I made. These have also had self laminating sheets placed over them. Each colour is a different part (sorry about some glue bubbles).



This cupcake is my favourite so far. It could have been a bit better on the mouth, but this was probably me and not selecting the right cut.


Some glue bubbles, and again the mouth was a bit, noodle.


These shapes came out really well. The black paper that I used was a bit thicker, so that might have helped.

So far I have not really created a lot of crafty projects, but I really look forward to being able to do that. I think I am most excited about the prospect of making my own stickers! I just have to buy some sticker paper.  😅

What I love:

  • In built shapes and patterns to easily cut out everyday shapes.
  • Ability to scan images so you can cut out your own designs!
  • Adjustable blade, so you can cut different materials (paper, fabric, etc).

What needs improvement:

  • The screen interface could have some improvements, especially with easy access to zoom in to make sure that lines are accurate.
  • The cutting mat looses it’s stickiness pretty quickly (I have only tried the standard).
  • I have had issues with a USB not recognising images (may have to fiddle a bit more).
  • I have also had issues trying to create or connect to a wifi network (again, more fiddling).

This is not a sponsored post. I have not been paid, or given any items. I just wanted to share the joy of my new toy (and some of my creations so far).

Okay, technically when I say “I brought”, I refer to my cool dad.  💖

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  1. The crafts are adorable. Last time I ever did any crafts was in elementary school. I’m not much of a crafty person unless writing counts?
    Keep up the good work on your crafts. 🙂

  2. Everything is very cute – but I honestly think that the cupcake is my favorite. 🙂 I hope that you continue having fun creating projects, and I cannot wait to see them. Also, does it cut the shapes out of felt? Or is it a special type of paper?

  3. Yay for your dad getting it! My sister used to have something similar for scrapbooking. It was pretty cool.

    You made such cute stuff! I like the cupcake the best!

  4. This is cool! My cousin Charlise has a silhouette machine, which seems to work similarly to your ScanNCut.

    I would likely make all the stickers if I had a ScanNCut. :p Mine would also probz be in all circles, but it’d still mean stickers. :blush: :love:

  5. That is amazing. I should really save up some money to buy some crafting machines if I could. I’m even interested in 3D printing for crafts too, like the 3Doodler Pen. I’ll be sure to check out ScanNCut to crete some stationery of some sort. Maybe it’ll be more than enough to open my own Etsy shop. 🙂

  6. This ScanNCut machine is so cool!!! I saw a demo of it and it’s pretty precise and gives a smooth cut. It makes sense that the small lettering can be a problem, but if the machine cuts the holes on the inside then out, it may do the trick.

    Everything you cut so far is so cute!~!!

    Happy crafting!

  7. I started joining the “planner decoration” bandwagon, and I’ve been wanting to get a similar printer for personalized planner stickers!

  8. That’s pretty cool. I never really knew they had things like this. I guess in a way I did but not one for the home. I would probably spend so much time playing with something like that.

  9. That machine seems sooo cool! It sounds like a great timesaver for paper crafts. 🙂 Personally though, I would want that machine for stickers! It’s one of my goals to design and sell stickers. 😀

    Also, I loooveee your art! 🙂 So kawaii! My favorite is the cupcake! <3

  10. Oh wow that looks really cool! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and making so neat stuff from it!

    I’m pretty crafty myself but a lot of times I don’t have time for it u_u


  11. Your designs are super cute! I hadn’t known actual machines like that existed (although I’m not surprised). This actually reminds me of kirigami! It’s similar to origami, except you cut paper to make shapes/designs. I’ve been using an x-acto knife but this would probably make it a lot easier, haha.

  12. That looks really fun! I’ve never heard of this machine, but it somewhat reminds me of a laser cutter. I wonder if you could cut other materials like felt. You may even be able to make plushies with these cut-outs sewn together and then stuffed.

    Christine’s awkward animals garland for example:

  13. This is incredibly cool and cute Kya! I can’t believe that machine exists, it’s so awesome. I’m thinking it would be useful in making my bullet journal prettier 😛 I love your designs, they are so cute! 😀 Keep crafting and illustrating, you’re talented at it!

  14. OMG. This machine is amazing. I didn’t even knew such thing existed. I always tried to cut things perfectly (I love doing diy projects and decorations) but it never worked for me. I am sure you will make some amazing crafts with this machine. Good luck <3

  15. Whoa, that is a cool machine! I love what you did with it, and the cards you made are so cute 😀 It goes really well with your art style! I can see how some of those details, like the letters and faces, would be really hard without the machine. I hope to see other things you do with this!

  16. That’s so cool. I never knew machines like that existed! I love how you’ve used it. I’m always impressed by your design skills, and these are definitely impressive. The bats look amazing. I can’t wait to see what else you create!

  17. Holy shit, that is amazing! And knowing your design style, Kya, I think it suits you and is the perfect thing for you. I’m loving the way the shapes of the cupcake look.

    I used to love cutting shapes as a kid but I can see how this would make your life easier, especially with stuff like mass-production. 😀

    It’s gonna be awesome when you get some sticker paper, woooooo!

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