Art in my dreams

14 years

A fun little artwork I created in Illustrator. I have to say that I was slightly inspired by Krissy for this character and the bunnies! 4_4

I plan to write a few book reviews soonish. o_o

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    1. @Krissy ?, *squish Bunnies are awesome just like you. You are an inspiration person so it is a great pleasure to know you and have our friendship. Thank you, Illustrator is so great with all the different brushes and endless styles you can make! 4_4

    1. @Drea, HAH! I still don’t consider myself talented in art either. There was a time when I thought I was so bad that I never even tried or thought there was no possible way that I could ever create anything that was even remotely ‘pretty’. I guess I suprised myself in that way. I always admired artists, even those that created simple but nice works, even online. One day I just decided to TRY and over time I am slowly progressing forward. Maybe you could give it a go too? ^_^

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