I am very pleased to announce and share my latest children’s book, Peaty the Worm.


Peaty the Worm follows the main character as they explore their favourite things through the alphabet. My intention was to create a fun little story that could be cute and educational at the same time.

It was a lot of fun to create all the illustrations for this book, and to attempt to create a story that could hopefully connect with young readers and families.

Below are a few example pages.






Printed copies of the book are currently only available in limited numbers (mainly due to the self-publishing cost), if you are interested, please contact me.

I have used my real name for the publication and hopefully that has not caused any confusion.

If you would like to help promote the Peaty the Worm you could download it from iTunes/iBooksadd it to your shelf on Goodreads, and view and download on Scribd. All options are free.

I was also incredibly lucky to have awesome support from friends with assistance with editing. To everyone that helped me, thank you so very very much. I have not included names here, in case you don’t wish to be linked to your real name.